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Chronicle Announces New Line of…Star Trek Cat Statues

Star Trek fans, these adorable cat statues can be yours this winter. A new line of Star Trek Cat Statues have been revealed by Chronicle Collectibles, featuring fan favorite characters as cats. I feel like this was a popular thing already and this is the next big step in Star Trek/Cat collectibles. Kirk, Spock, and Scotty will all be available. The statues will stand at about 6 inches tall and will run you $39.99 a statue, except Kirk Cat in his chair, that one is $59.99. Check them all out below, and place a preorder for one here.

Yep, we’ve gone and done it. We’ve combined Star Trek and cats, because… reasons. On sale now at… the Star Trek Cats Collection.

Think about it, it makes total sense. There’s just got to be an alternate universe out there where felines, not mankind, explored the farthest reaches of the galaxy to seek out new life and new civilizations… to boldly go where no cat has gone before! We proudly present the exciting new Star Trek Cats Collection, based on the beloved art work of Jenny Parks that celebrates both Star Trek and cats.

James T. Kirk Cat is the inaugural release in Chronicle Collectibles’ new line of the legendary original Star Trek crew, reimagined as cats. This adorable 1:9 scale James T. Kirk Cat comes with his official command chair so that he can direct the furry crew of the Enterprise.

Just the right size for any office desk at 7.5 inches tall, you just know this is going to be the right conversation starter at work that combines your love of Star Trek and cats.

Product Details:

Every starship needs an experienced engineer ready to lick any problem, a miracle worker who thinks on his paws. Luckily, the Enterprise has the best cat in Starfleet. Montgomery Scott, or Scotty Cat as we call him, comes holding a bottle of very, very, very old Scotch Milk… to stimulate the senses, of course.

Measuring 5” tall, he’ll fit perfectly in your collection or on your desk back at the office. Scotty Cat comes ready for duty in his bright red engineering tunic and stands atop a transporter-inspired base with the Star Trek logo boldly featured on the front.

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A Spock Cat? Highly illogical!  But wait, maybe not. Both cats and Spock peer curiously into the actions of those around them. Both have pointy ears. And both find the illogical and foolish emotions of humans a constant irritant. So, Spock Cat is actually the perfect convergence of felines and everyone’s favorite Vulcan. Fascinating…

Sitting almost 6” tall, Spock Cat features him holding up his iconic Vulcan salute and carrying his trusty tricorder. He comes resting on a sleek transporter-inspired base with the Star Trek logo boldly featured on the front.

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