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Star Trek Episode 2 Explore New Worlds slot

Captain’s Log, Stardate 5658.9. The Enterprise has been drawn into a strange 5-reel, 25-payline universe in which, among other oddities, Chief Engineer Scott is capable of growing to three times his regular size. I only hope there is a peaceable way out of this situation and that more green-skinned females are on the way…

The casino software designers/creators at WMS Gaming are certainly no strangers to creating great Star Trek-themed games: The then-Williams produced the Star Trek: The Next Generation pinball machine as part of its trilogy of “Superpin” games along with Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure and The Twilight Zone. The ST:TNG pinball machine was quite simply one of the dopest of the 1990s as a whole, and today one wonders where the Next Generation slots game is…

Take her to warp 2, Mister Sulu

In the meantime, we’ll make do with the WMS trilogy of slots games based on Star Trek: The Original Series, including the focus of this particular article, namely Star Trek Episode 2: Explore New Worlds (not *strange* new worlds, mind you, just *new* worlds). Players should note that this slot is inaccessible until 100 “medals” are won in the Star Trek Episode 1: Red Alert slot; to do so, play long and prosper!

Once again, WMS populates this Star Trek slot’s symbol set with that classic technology of the 23rd century: phasers (set on stun, presumably), medical tricorders and those flip phone-style communicators will assist you in that exploration of new worlds.

Even higher paying than the trinity of the Star Trek series – Kirk, Spock and McCoy – in the game is the trio of Federation symbol logos.

Star Trek: The Search for III Spocks

It is important to note, however, that a number of the seemingly ordinary symbols may turn wild or introduce bonus features for better wins. The wild can add a bonus multiplier to wins, as can winning combinations of three or more Spocks. At points, the good ol’ Enterprise may cruise by to morph random symbols into wilds.

Finally, there’s also the “Scotty Wild Reel.” Whereas you’d figure this would be represented by the angered Scotsman throwing a wild haymaker at some smartass Klingon, instead it’s merely the beleaguered engineer looking all too sober inside a Jeffries tube. Doubtless he’s “given’ her all he’s got, captain…”

In the end, we’re not exactly sure upon which episode of ST:TOS the Star Trek Explore New Worlds slot is based, nor what the story is at all, for that matter. So just consider this generic Star Trek for the casual fan – and for the slots aficionado, who’s certain to fervently enjoy all the bonus features.

Gold-pressed latinum

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