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Star Trek Episode 3 Trouble with Tribbles slot

Captain’s log, stardate 4523.3. We have arrived at Deep Space Station K-7 in response to a Priority One call. More than an emergency, a Priority One call signals near or total disaster. Assuming Klingons had attacked the station, we went in armed for battle. But when we arrived, we found nothing but cute little Tribbles! Oh, so cute, yes, they are! Good little tribbles…

Let’s face it: Tribbles make everything better. And as fantastic as the first two “episodes” of WMS Gaming’s Star Trek slots trilogy are, it’s the Star Trek Episode 3: Trouble with Tribbles slot that steals the show.

Inconveniently, due to WMS Gaming’s odd gamble (so to speak) to base the Star Trek slots series on the level up principle, you’ll have to play a bit of the Star Trek Episode 1: Red Alert and Star Trek Episode 2: Explore New Worlds games first: The player must earn 100 “medals” in each of first two Star Trek slots before “unlocking” access to Trouble with Tribbles. Only the hardcore slots players and Star Trek devotees will be playing this one, it seems, an unfortunate reality for a proper game indeed.

Cyrano Jones for the win

While certain symbols of the trilogy return for “episode” three of the Star Trek series, including that classic technology of the 23rd century and the Starfleet logos. Also included here, however are the space station on which the classic TOS episode The Trouble with Tribbles and the even better DS9 episode Trials and Tribble-ations are set. Best of all, the low-paying symbols are filled with colorful tribbles because you just can’t have too many tribbles.

Adding to the general chaos and mayhem brought about by Cyrano Jones’s innocuous-seeming space guinea pig added to a lethal cocktail of Starfleet officers, Klingons, time travelers, scotch, vodka, raktajino and blood wine in the Trouble with Tribbles slot is the bonus round, which is tripped randomly.

Playing pachinko with an ecological menace

Star Trek episodes with tribbles involved may be wacky, but the video bonus round is bonkers: Would you believe a pachinko game in which the player sends tribbles bouncing down the pegs to land in a pocket and award points? Highly illogical, Spock would surely deduce. On the other hand, perhaps it’s meant to represent Commander Sisko pitching the tribbles out of the food storage bin in his search for the bomb-implanted beastie. Now *that* would be a deep dive.

More realistically, we would have suggested a video bonus round based on the classic bar fight scene. Pick a character and see how many Federation officers/Klingon crewmen he/she can take out. Yes, that’s “she” because those incredibly hot waitresses and Uhura should also be involved in the fun.