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Star Trek Red Alert Slot Machine

Captain’s Log, Stardate 5537.4. The Enterprise has been transported into what Commander Spock has theorized is a parallel universe of 5 reels and 25 paylines. The away team of Dr. McCoy, Commander Spock and myself have been cut off from the Enterprise and its crew, and we are left spinning around in circles looking to land 21st-century jackpot payouts for Earth citizens…

Welcome to Red Alert, a 5-reel slots game taking players back to the heyday of Star Trek’s original run in the 1960s (or 2260s from the characters’ perspective). Red Alert – more precisely, the Star Trek Episode 1: Red Alert slot game – is the first part in a trilogy of games featuring St:Tos.

I love classic 23rd-century design

The symbol set is topped by the starring trio of the show: Captain James T. Kirk, Commander Spock and Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy. A Klingon heavy, perhaps Commander Kor himself, and his “bird of prey”-style Klingon warship are also lurking. Beyond the players, this slot is loaded with accoutrements toted about by Starfleet officers: tricorders, communicators, phasers and the like... (As Lt. Commander Dax once put it, “I love classic 23rd century design!”)

To begin play, pick a bet which will be played on 25 paylines. Another 10 paylines’ worth should be added if you want to play the “feature bet” and, yeah, you’ll probably want to play the feature bet. Total wagers run in lots of increments between 35¢ and $105. Heck, the Star Trek Red Alert slot will even let you bet weird amounts like $1.37 or 89¢ per payline.

The STAR TREK logo is the wild symbol, which substitutes for all other symbols to help make up winning combinations. As long as you’re playing with the “feature bet” on, landing three or more feature symbols launches the Red Alert Bonus Round; hitting four or five on a single spin will also net a prize of 125x payline bet or 1250x (!) the payline bet in addition.

Red Alert! Arm Photon Torpedoes!

And as for that Red Alert Bonus Round, well, it’s awesome. The Enterprise is on “a peaceful mission of exploration”? Ha! In the Star Trek Red Alert slot, the Enterprise gets to shut down enemy ships for cash, free spins and/or bonus multipliers. Free spins use a different set of reels with well higher pays.

Give the loftily-titled Star Trek Episode 1: Red Alert slot game a few spins right here or visit a partnering casino website for free play or real-money play.

It’s slots, Jim, but not as we know it

Note: A strange new (and quite inconvenient) feature is included in the Trouble with Tribbles slot and subsequent “episodes” of the slot series. These three slots are based on the “level-up” principle of modern gaming in that, in order to play Episode 2: Explore New Worlds, one must accrue 100 “medals,” done so by racking up winning spins, in the Red Alert slot first. Garnering 100 medals will unlock episode 2, thus giving access to that game; in similar fashion is Episode 3 reached.