Star Trek Guide

DC Area Film Critics Assoc.

I'm sure Wrath of Khan fans will argue with me, but I consider First Contact to be the best Star Trek movie evah! Yes, even better than JJ Abrams' updated take. It features The Borg, by far the best villains in Star Trek history. Period. Then again I'm also biased by the fact that I was never really a huge fan of the original series. I've seen all the flicks, and with the exception of The Final Frontier find them all to be pretty good extensions of the TV show. The Next Generation movies are more up my alley, but I've always wished we could've seen at least one film that included the Deep Space Nine crew.

For those who prefer their Star Trek captains a bit balder and more Shakespearian, Amazon has a an awesome 4-disc set featuring all the flicks featuring the cast of Star Trek: TNG. Special features include an intriguing one called Borg Invasion 4D. I have no idea what it is but it sounds cool. Why? Because The Borg is cool.  For only $27.99 this one is a steal. Or you can get it on Blu-Ray for only $17 more.

Special Features

The Evolution of the Enterprise
Villians of Star Trek
I Love the Star Trek Movies
Farewell to Star Trek: The Experience
Klingon Encounter
Borg Invasion 4D
Charting the Final Frontier