Star Trek Guide

DC Area Film Critics Assoc.

I think some sites are going a little overboard in their reporting of recent comments by JJ Abrams. The Super 8 director had been speaking about the development of the highly anticipated sequel to Star Trek, which just a few weeks ago rumors started surfacing that the film would be delayed until winter 2012. Paramount has a release date of June 29th 2012 set up, but when Abrams was asked about it he had this to say...

Abrams: “I care much more about it being good than it be ready…we’re doing everything we can to make sure schedules don’t get screwed up. I don’t think anyone wants a movie on time that’s not worth your time.”

Fair enough. I like a lot of people really dug his first Trek, making the crew of the Enterprise more fun than they've been in nearly a decade. But I can wait for a sequel, and 2012 is chock full of blockbusters already that Trek won't be missed if it's delayed awhile.

But people are taking this comment as some sort of hard and fast proof that Abrams is definitely directing the film. That's simply not the case. He's not signed to do the film at all yet, and there's plenty of ways he could be involved without actually helming the thing. Take this comment he made for example...

Abrams: “I would love to do any number of things [next] and hopefully the one that we’ll be able to have some information on sooner or later is the next ‘Star Trek,’” he said.

That doesn't sound like someone who is rock solid in his commitment. Plenty of wiggle room in there. The fact that he just lumps Star Trek in with any number of potential projects should be disconcerting to eager Trekkies. Maybe Abrams takes on more of an advisory role, similar to Christopher Nolan and the Superman movie?

It doesn't mean that Abrams isn't giving the film plenty of thought. One story that's been floating around for awhile is whether or not it'd be in 3D. A few months ago Abrams stated that Paramount was already asking about it, and he seemed less than enthusiastic.  He still doesn't sound all that into the idea...

Abrams: “I’m not yet considering it, but I haven’t gotten that threatening phone call from men in suits."

The first Trek blew away everybody's expectations in terms of box office, so I doubt Paramount will push him too hard on the 3D thing. None of this matters ultimately if Abrams doesn't...y' it. We'll just have to wait and see.