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Star Trek: Nichelle Nichols Documentary Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

More than fifty years after debuting as Lt. Nyota Uhura inStar Trek: The Original Series, star Nichelle Nichols is retiring from the convention circuit. With her final public appearance set for May 2020, Nichols plans to tell her life story in a biographical documentary titled Breaking Barriers. With the help of Atomic Network, Nichols has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to assist with financing the production.

The IndieGoGo campaign offers rewards to backers, including autographed photos fo Nichols as Uhura or alongside President Barack Obama and reserved tickets for her farewell appearance. Stretch goals will unlock once the campaign reaches its minimum goal.

“We are hoping that supporters rally behind this incredible woman to help her compelling story to the screen, so she can continue to touch the hearts of millions,” producer Sky Conway said in a press release. In the IndieGoGo campaigns description, Conway says "Nichelle's story is so important - not only to our generation, but all generations.”

The documentary is being shopped around to networks. The IndieGoGo campaign funds will be used to create a sizzle reel to help in the pitch process.

“We will be pitching to the networks to do a full-length documentary based on Nichelle’s life, struggles, relationship with Gene Roddenberry and subsequent super-stardom,” the IndieGoGo overview reads. “Tools are needed to create this pitch, so we plan on traveling to Neutral Zone Studios in Georgia, where we will shoot a short portion of the larger project. Nichelle will do a retelling of events directly from the bridge set of the Enterprise and several of you will be able to see it first-hand.”

Nichols was one half of what is often recognized at television’s first interracial kiss. She was also famously encouraged to stay on Star Trek by Martin Luther King, Jr., who believed she was playing a key role in representing African Americans.

Will you be donating to the IndieGoGo campaign or the documentary about Nichelle Nichols? What's your favorite Uhura moment from Star Trek? Have you met Nichelle Nichols at one of her many convention appearances? Let us know about it the comments section.



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