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Discovery cast explain why Captain Picard kicks so much butt (as though we didn’t know )

How hyped is ST fandom (not to mention Star Trek Guide) for Star Trek: Picard? Hyped enough to watch tiny 2½-minute promotional clips like “Star Trek: Discovery – What Makes Patrick Stewart's Captain Picard So Iconic?” every day until the new show hits CBS All-Access in (gasp) October, (choke) November or (sob) December.

In the clip, two young folks from Discovery – Mary Wiseman, a.k.a. Ensign Tilly, and Wilson Cruz, a.k.a. Dr. Culber – weigh in the Star Trek captain they likely both grew up watching. Checking out Wiseman’s latest hairstyle is worth the price of admission alone – god*damn* does that woman have incredible hair – as is the inclusion of an espresso-load of badass Picard clips from The Next Generation. Need a reminder of Picard’s iconic stature? Check out the dozen or so memorable moments the producers of this short manage to stuff in.

And in the end, Wiseman and Cruz both essentiallly acknowledge Picard as a sort of ultimate Starfleet captain; STG wonders how Saru might feel about that, but hey. It’s Jean-Luc bloody Picard we’re talking about here!