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Preview: Star Trek: The Q Conflict No. 4 from IDW

Thanks to IDW Publishing, we have a seven page preview of the fourth issue of their latest Star Trek miniseries, The Q Conflict.

For a while now, IDW Publishing has gone with the idea that instead of a regular ongoing Star Trek series or two, they would publish a couple miniseries a year. And so far, the idea has worked like a charm.

Instead of a series where the creativity can dip or creative teams can change from month to month, they lock it a writer and artist, have them go to town and treat it like an event worthy of the attention of the comic buying public.

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The latest Star Trek comic book event has been the incredibly enjoyable Star Trek: The Q Conflict. The six-issue miniseries sees the casts of The Original Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and Voyager all drawn into a life and death competition by Q and some of the other godlike beings of the Trekverse.

Three issues in and it has to be said that this could be one of the best Star Trek comics IDW has published yet.

This Wednesday sees The Q Conflict No. 4 arrive in comic shops. So what can Q and his pals do to make things even more interesting for our various Starfleet crews? How about getting the Prophets from the Bajoran wormhole involved?

Yeah. I knew that would get your attention.

Star Trek: The Q Conflict is written by Scott Tipton & David Tipton with interior art by Silvia Califano and a pair of interlocking covers by David Messina. In addition, there is also a retailer incentive cover by George Caltsoudas.

From the IDW solicitation:

Between this miniseries and the highly anticipated Star Trek: Year Five, IDW seems to really be hitting their stride when it comes to producing Star Trek comics. Let’s all hope they can keep this run of quality up indefinitely.

Star Trek: The Q Conflict No. 4 arrives in comic shops and on digital devices on Wednesday, May 22.