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Here’s A Close-Up Look At The New Starfleet Uniforms In Star Trek: Picard

The various pieces of Star Trek: Picard are finally beginning to come together. With the shoot currently underway we’ve got a confirmation of the title (which is boring but accurate), a picture of Patrick Stewart in character as Picard and now, a look at the Starfleet uniforms the various crews will be wearing in the project. It’s worth remembering that this show will be set further into the future than any previous Trek TV series, so the design will have Trekkies worldwide noting every tiny detail.

As you can see below, any Trek fan will immediately recognize this as an evolution of The Next Generationuniforms, which makes sense given that this show is essentially a sequel to it and the various TNG movies. As such, the basic shape is the same, together with the colors that designate what the crew member’s function is (red for command, gold for engineering, security and operations, and blue for science and medical). But there are a few interesting tweaks.

The most eye-catching is a new turtleneck collar, which may be textured. There are also some changes to the Combadge, which is larger than the ones seen in TNG and appears to feature a more open Starfleet insignia than previously seen. These small changes have had fans comparing it to the slightly modified ones used in Deep Space Nine, as well as the uniforms worn in Star Trek Online.

Personally, I think it looks great: a modern and unfussy update on a classic. Despite that, theorizes that this might be a little too plain for a 2019 HD show and they feel that the lack of detailing might indicate that we’ll get to see further iterations within the series. Who knows, this could be from a flashback and the present uniforms in Star Trek: Picard will end up being quite different. Either way, as filming continues, we should find out fairly soon.

Source: TrekMovie