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CBS Releases First Poster For Star Trek: Picard

Following the surprise drop of the first trailer for Star Trek: Picardearlier this afternoon, the first poster for Patrick Stewart’s much-anticipated return to the Trek universe has now arrived online as well. Just as the promo kept things spoiler-free and only gave us a tantalizing hint at what’s to come in CBS All Access’ new drama, this poster doesn’t give away much, either. In fact, Picard himself doesn’t even appear on it.

The trailer revealed that the former captain of the Enterprise-D/E has retired from Starfleet since we last saw him, despite rising to the rank of admiral, and settled down on his family’s vineyard in France. We don’t expect much of the show to be set on the Picard’s estate, as we know Jean-Luc will get back out into space and find himself a new crew, but this poster focuses on the location all the same.

In fact, the only hint at the cosmic nature of the plot comes from the shape of the rows of grapes. A hint at the Starfleet insignia? Or a promise that Picard isn’t done with his space-faring career just yet?

Not much has been revealed about the series so far, but showrunner Alex Kurtzman’s told fans not to expect something akin to Star Trek: Discovery. In contrast to that project’s sense of adventure and action, Picard is more of a psychological character study that will explore just how changed the iconic captain’s life is when we catch up with him. At least part of that’s due to the destruction of Romulus and the dissolution of the Romulan empire, as the show will follow on from 2009’s Star Trek movie (the opening, before it diverged into the Kelvin timeline).

Star Trek: Picardis currently in production. No release date has been given just yet, but it’s certainly a good sign that CBS is hyping us up for it already.