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Fans Are Going Crazy For The First Star Trek: Picard Trailer

Today saw the surprise release of the first teaser trailer for Star Trek: Picard, the much-anticipated TV series that’ll mark Sir Patrick Stewart’s return to the role of Jean-Luc Picard for the first time since 2002. The minute-and-a-half preview didn’t give away much about the plot of the show, but a look at Picard’s family vineyard and a shot of Stewart back in character proved more than enough to get fans hyped to high heaven.

First of all, everyone was overjoyed to have Stewart back on board the Trek franchise. After all, even the actor himself thought he was long done with the character. Now, we have a whole new series with him to look forward to.

We all thought Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s finale had brought the captain’s story to a definitive end, but Picard‘s now here to show us that there’s more to tell. And fans are crazy excited.

Speaking of TNG‘s finale, “All Good Things” first introduced Chateau Picard via glimpses into Picard’s future, and Trek lovers are here for the showkeeping the canon alive by revisiting the place.

The only thing is, Stewart’s missing that beard.

Speaking of Chateau Picard, when are they going to start releasing the stuff?

You might think the lack of any space travel or cosmic action in the teaser would put fans off, but it seems the exact opposite is true, as everyone’s almost hoping the whole show is just Picard enjoying his retirement on his vineyard.

The teaser alludes to the fact that Picard, despite having risen to the rank of admiral, left Starfleet behind after a grand rescue mission he led turned sour. No other details were given, but we can infer that he tried to save the survivors of the destruction of Romulus, as we know the series will follow on from the planet’s end at the beginning of 2009’s Star Trek. 

In any case, we’ll find out soon enough, as Star Trek: Picardis currently in production, with Stewart’s old TNG co-star Jonathan Frakes helming a few episodes.