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Star Trek: Picard Teaser Trailer Released

The first teaser trailer for the new Star Trek: Picard series just released. The teaser shows the man himself Patrick Stewart as Jean Luc Picard. Stewart played Jean Luc Picard for seven seasons in the Star Trek: The Next Generation series. This new series is set to show what happened to the Admiral after he left Star Fleet. 

The trailer starts with Picard walking around what looks to be his family’s vineyard. As he is walking around the vineyard there is a voice that begins to ask Picard questions. The voice tells us that Picard left for some unimaginable reason. The voice begins to ask again why the Admiral left Star Fleet. This hints to not even his own team or even the entirety of Star Fleet not knowing his reasoning for leaving. All we know right now is Picard has left Star Fleet for a simpler life as a wine professional.

Star Trek: Picard is set to stream on CBS: All Access. The streaming version of the CBS network is one way the network is trying to cut the cord to attract new customers. Much like with the other streaming platforms CBS: All Access is looking to create content specific on their service. Currently, there is no release date for Star Trek: Picard.

Previously, the executive producer Alex Kurtzman told EW about how this show is going to be different than that of Discovery already playing weekly on CBS.

Star Trek: Picard looks to be one to keep watching to find out what happened to the Admiral. Tell us what you think about the trailer and if you’ll be watching the new series on CBS: All Access.