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Star Trek: Picard TV Show Teaser Trailer Reveals Patrick Stewart's Return

We're getting our first official look at Star Trek: Picard with the arrival of the show's first teaser trailer. The CBS All Access series picks up 18 years after Star Trek: Nemesis, the last time Picard appeared onscreen, and he's clearly a changed man.

Patrick Stewart surprised many when he announced last August that he's returning to the franchise that made him a star. Stewart was intrigued by the story pitch Alex Kurtzman and his team presented to him and signed up for another trip to space. Plot details on the series have been hard to come by. We know Picard is no longer a Starfleet captain, and we know the destruction of Romulus impacted his life in some major way. We also know it's meant to be a more thoughtful, meditative show than the fast paced Star Trek: Discovery.

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Now we're getting our first glimpse of what Picard has been up to since we last saw him, and it's a familiar setting to longtime fans. Check out the teaser trailer and poster for Star Trek: Picard below.

The teaser hints that Picard suffered some sort of tragic loss 15 years ago, and that he's no longer an active member of Starfleet. Picard is shown tending to his family's vineyard in France, introduced in the classic Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Family." This was also the future fate shown for Picard in the time hopping series finale of TNG, "All Good Things." It's also confirmed that Picard was promoted to Admiral at some point in the intervening years.

We still know very little about the plot of Picard. At this point it's unclear how big of a role, if any, Stewart's TNG castmates will play in the series - though one time Commander Riker actor Jonathan Frakes will be on hand to direct a pair of episodes. We know Picard will have a new supporting cast with the likes Alison Pill and Harry Treadaway, and Stewart has stated the show is intended to run for multiple seasons. There's been no confirmed release date yet, but all indications are the show will arrive in late 2019.

Star Trek: Picard is CBS All Access' second Star Trek series, following in the footsteps of the popular Discovery, which hit its stride in season 2. CBS All Access has plans for multiple other Star Trek spinoffs, including Lower Decks, an animated comedy series, and a Section 31 spinoff starring Michelle Yeoh's Mirror Universe Philippa Georgiou from Discovery. Star Trek is meant to be the foundation of the nascent streaming service, with the plan to have multiple shows in production at all times. We'll have to wait to see how those other shows pan out, but so far, Star Trek: Picard looks as exciting as we'd hoped.