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We Have a First Teaser for Star Trek: Picard

The first moody trailer for Star Trek: Picard is here, promising that the end is only the beginning. Sir Patrick Stewart is back as the former Starfleet admiral, who has retired. What brought him into a civilian life? What has defined his legacy? These are questions that surely will be answered in the upcoming series, which might be Star Trek’s most hotly anticipated property.

The teaser shows Picard working at a vineyard, as the voiceover says that, fifteen years before, he led “the greatest rescue armada in history.” However, the “unimaginable” happened, and the voiceover questions if it cost Picard his faith. Why did he leave Starfleet?

The most likely option is that this centers on the destruction of the Romulan homeworld that sent both Ambassador Spock and Romulan Nero hurtling back into the past to create a separate timeline that gave us a Chris Pine-faced Kirk. We’ve never seen what happened in the Prime Timeline following the destruction, and the Romulans were one of Picard’s greatest foes. What happens when your greatest enemies become the people you’re trying to protect?

The series has a great political potential, and I hope the show leans hard into that social justice element. Regardless, it’s going to be great to see Picard back in action as well as the promise of a future that we haven’t really explored yet. I’m ready to boldly go where no Trek has gone before with the Admiral.

(image: CBS)

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