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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Doc Coming To DVD And Blu-Ray

While classic series such as The Next Generation – and new ones, including Discovery– might be soaking up all of the limelight, recently, longtime fans have turned their attention towards the black sheep of the family. Having been in development for a couple of years, a newly released Star Trek: Deep Space Ninedocumentary has provided an entirely new look at the show’s production.

Playing in theaters for a special, one-night-only eventWhat We Left Behind: Looking Back at Star Trek: Deep Space Nine hit the big screen earlier this month, thanks to a partnership between Shout! Studios and Fathom Events. The doc, which was crowdfunded on Indiegogo a few years ago, focused on the dark and edgy series that aired throughout the 90s. Directed by Ira Steven Behr (DS9’s showrunner) and David Zappone (who’s worked on a handful of Star Trek docs), the film gave fans an extensive behind-the-scenes look at Deep Space Nine’s production, while also laying to rest a few long-standing questions.

If you missed out on watching it in theaters though, you’re in luck! Shout Studios has just revealed new details about the doc’s home release on Blu-Ray and DVD. A standard edition will be available at most retailers and includes over a dozen deleted scenes, six special features, a look into the remastering process, bonus clips with the show’s cast and crew, and more. Altogether, the new content comes in at just over 90 minutes.

Here’s a rundown of what you can expect:

1,500 limited edition copies will be available exclusively on Shout! Studio’s official website, which comes with the pack-ins listed above, as well as a few bonus features:

Most of us here at We Got This Covered didn’t get a chance to catch the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine documentary in theaters, so we’re thrilled that it’s getting a proper home video release. Will you be picking up a copy of What We Left Behind, though? Be sure to let us know in the comments section down below.