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Star Trek Discovery: 5 Classic Characters We Hope To See In Season 3 (And 3 We Don’t)

Star Trek: Discovery takes place a decade before the original series began. The prequel is a perfect addition to the franchise which is beloved around the world. One of the many perks of setting the show before the original series timeline is getting a glimpse at our favorite characters before they fell into the roles we're familiar with. The unique timing of this show has fans everywhere speculating about which characters will appear next. There are some hints as to who might make an appearance sprinkled throughout the show.  Here are the characters we think could add to the story and three we think should sit this one out.

8 Do: Sulu

Sulu is one of the most iconic characters in the Star Trek universe. The dynamic Lieutenant made his way into the hearts of fans of the original series. The character is rich and well developed. In the pilot, he's a physicist. Once the series aired Sulu served as a senior helmsman. There are a few hints that Sulu is slated to make an appearance on the show. Paul Stamets mentions he has a connection with an ethnobotanist on board the ship. Stamets asks Sulu for help defining the specs of the Enterprise. Sulu was extremely interested in botany and would be an expert on the Enterprise as well. This means that Sulu may already be on board.

7 Do: Uhura

Uhura is one of the most important characters in television history. Portrayed by Nichelle Nichols on the original series, she was part of the first interracial kiss on television. It was a huge moment that began to break down barriers. We don't know much about Uhura's career in Starfleet before she served on the Enterprise under Captain Kirk. It's not a stretch to think she may have been aboard before Kirk became captain. When we first meet Uhura, she's serving in command. She wears the signature gold uniform. Later we see her wearing an operations uniform under Kirk. Her appearance on Discovery could fill in massive blanks in her character's history.

6 Do: Scotty

The writers set fans up to welcome Scotty to the show. Captain Pike mentions the ships head engineer Louvier. He claims the Enterprise will never have another engineer who loves her as much as Louvier does. Scotty is more devoted to that ship than anyone. Could this be foreshadowing to the arrival of the dedicated crew member? Scotty could already be aboard serving as a junior engineer. There are hints that he may be serving aboard the Discovery. Captain Lorca impersonates the head engineer of the ship, and it sounds a lot like Scotty. It seems like Scotty is sure to pop up soon on either ship.

5 Do: Nurse Chapel

Nurse Chapel was played by a recurring Star Trek actress Majel Barett. In addition to her original series role, she also played Nuber One in "The Cage" and Luxwana Troi in The Next Generation. When we meet nurse Chapel in the original series she seems to have some familiarity with Mr. Spock. That relationship means she may have been serving on the Enterprise before Kirk took over. We don't have a clear idea of her Starfleet service before her appearance on the original series. There's no reason to assume that she didn't serve under Captain Pike.

4 Do: Dr. Boyce

Dr. Boyce was the chief medical officer in the original pilot episode. He was also Captain Pike's personal bartender, making him warm martinis. He offered Pike plenty of advice as well, most of which Pike ignored. Dr. McCoy already took his position permanently, so we know he had left the Enterprise between "The Cage" and the beginning of the original series. That doesn't mean he isn't still onboard the ship. Boyce is listed as an attending physician on a screen in Star Trek: Into Darkness. Those are pretty good clues that he may make an appearance. Since a co-writer of the movie is also a showrunner on Discovery the character may still be on his mind.

3 Don't: Kelso

Some consider Lee Kelso the original redshirt. He appeared in "Where No Man Has Gone Before" and seemed very familiar with the layout of the Enterprise. Does that mean he's on board in the Discovery days? In "Where No Man Has Gone Before" the crew must cross the edge of the galaxy. On their trip, a crewman becomes possessed with godlike power. Helmsman Kelso is killed when this crewman attempts a mutiny. This begins the tradition of sacrificing a member of operations. Kelso may be historically significant, but his character is still disposable.

2 Don't: Gary Mitchell

In the third episode of the original series, the Enterprise must travel to the edge of the galaxy. They encounter a strange barrier which seems to grant one of the crewman incredible powers. Gary Mitchell's eyes take on a silver glow. He turns against his crew and plans to take over the ship. Kirk is advised to kill him for the safety of everyone else on board. The show begins to show it's progressive culture as Kirk decides to strand Mitchell rather than execute him. Kirk personally requested that Michell be on the Enterprise in the original series so we know he wasn't on board before. That's fine because no one wants a mutineer on their crew.

1 Don't: Dr. Piper

Star Trek has had quite a few memorable doctors. They're often everyone's favorite character. Dr. Piper is not one of those beloved doctors. After Boyce left the Enterprise, Bones took over. For a time, Bones took a personal leave to deal with his divorce. It's rumored that Dr. Piper filled in for Bones while he was away. Because he was a temporary replacement for Bones, he could very well be on board the Enterprise during Discovery. Every Star Trek series deserves a great doctor. Discovery can do better than Dr. Piper.