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Star Trek: 10 Next Generation Characters We Hope Get Their Own Spin-Off

Star Trek fans are over-the-moon about the announcement of a Captain Picard-centric Star Trek: The Next Generation spin-off. We haven't seen Patrick Stewart in the commanding role of Captain Jean-Luc Picard since Star Trek: Nemesis, and Star Trek: Picard is easily one of the most anticipated shows of the year.

Even though Stewart has warned us that "He may not be the Jean-Luc that you recognise and know so well," we can't wait to see him in the show that he says he's signed on to star in for multiple seasons. We also can't help but fantasize about what other spin-offs featuring different TNG characters might look like.

10 Geordi LaForge

Is there an actor more wholesome than LeVar Burton? The love the public has for this Reading Rainbow host is enough to warrant multiple series starring the actor, but Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge deserves his own spin-off, too.

Burton has said that his favorite episodes were the ones featuring Holodek adventures, like the Holmes and Watson episodes for Data and Geordi and the Robin Hood episode, so how fun would it be to create a series based on something like this for Geordi? Think of the possible crossovers with all the media made sense then. We're thinking Geordi meets The Doctor, at least!

9 Deanna Troi

While Counselor Troi's powers were a bit wishy-washy on TNG and her weird catsuits made no sense among the rest of the characters' uniforms, she was nonetheless one of the most compassionate people and voices of reason on the show. If anyone deserves a show about bringing peaceful negotiations to different galaxies it's Troi, and if there were ever a time for us to need a program about how to create peace in a troublesome world it's now.

A show in which Deanna has aged and is serving as a peace ambassador somehow would be incredible just so we could see Marina Sirtis again.

8 Miles And Keiko O'Brien

Keiko O'Brien has a reputation for being one of the most hated women of Star Trek, but in many of the instances where Keiko seems like a shrew of a wife to many viewers, she was under the control of an outside source or possessed somehow. The two seemed to have a beautiful relationship aside from these moments, and they've been through so much together that they don't deserve to go down without a fight.

How about an O'Briens special where the couple gets another chance to show their sweeter moments? An adventure about a married couple in space could be so much fun. Scarlet Witch and Vision are getting their own series, so why not?

7 Data

Hey, another android is getting a series, as mentioned above, so why not Data? He's one of the most popular characters of the series, and even though he doesn't technically have a heart he's definitely as human as anyone else, even to the point of sacrificing himself to save the crew he calls family.

Brent Spiner is one of the best actors in the entire series, but there would have to be some serious CGI going on if he were to return to play Data, since androids don't age. Then again, it's 2019, so who is to say that there's not some program to make him age to that of his Enterprise family?

6 Wesley Crusher

Before you tell him to shut up, you should consider that Wesley Crusher a) has very much grown up since the 90s and b) was portrayed by geek favorite Wil Wheaton, which means a series featuring the child prodigy could be so much fun.

What ever happened to the Wunderkind who followed "The Traveler," and what mysteries of the universe did he solve? Even if Wesley is the least favorite character for many people (and perhaps the first crush for others), his own series makes the most sense, since there are so many questions about what happened to him that we need answered.

5 Q

He's been both a thorn in Picard's side as well as the captain's own savior, and he's given us years of entertainment that flowed into Deep Space Nine and Voyager. Why shouldn't he have a run at his own series? We've seen him with his own teenage son, so that could be a fun plot bunny to chase, or we could see him play god (or practical joker) with a number of other races and missions.

Like Data, Q has an aging issue since he's immortal, and like Brent Spiner, John de Lancie is 70 years old. That may not translate well for a show, but nothing is impossible when it comes to Star Trek.

4 Wiliam Riker

In many ways, Number One didn't age well. Looking back at Jonathan Frakes' character with a modern lense, he's a bit more of a jerk than the Casanova we remember, but he was a good commander and Picard's surrogate son whom we mostly remember as a great character. That's why he should get his own series.

Whether that means a series as a more seasoned captain aboard the USS Titan or a prequel about his younger and most assuredly cockier days, the show would still be fun to see. It might also be entertaining to see what shenanigans he and Troi got up to once they were married.

3 Guinan

Between being a refugee, being married 23 times in her hundreds of years of existence and being the friendly bartender to whom everyone confided, Guinan has to have the most stories to tell in the history of crew members, so why not explore those in a spin-off?

Whoopi Goldberg could still play the alien in her 60s, especially if this series is even farther in the future. A prequel featuring the other "listeners" of El-Auria and what happened to them before the Borg invasion would also be really cool to see. Or there could be a series about the "listeners" re-establishing themselves as a colony in which Guinan gets involved.

2 Beverly Crusher

If Captain Picard is getting his own series, his old flame Dr. Crusher should get one as well. The two have been married, both in an alternate reality that was destroyed as well as the non-canonical Star Trek: The Next Generation Pocket Books series, so we could explore what that might have looked like. Then again, perhaps Vash will make an appearance in Jean-Luc's story instead...

What really needs to be fleshed out is Crusher's incredible potential as a character. Gates McFadden did so well in the role, but she was given limited arcs that should have been expanded instead of being regulated into a background character.

1 Worf

One of the most beloved characters in the TNG universe, Lieutenant Worf returned for several seasons of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, a move that many say was made to save the series. He's also appeared in several feature films, so he definitely has the fan base to pull off a series.

Michael Dorn would be excellent reprising the Klingon lead, but some adventures of Worf's younger days would also be interesting to explore, particularly since we've already seen much of his life after TNG. A series about Worf's experiences as the Federation ambassador to Qo'noS might also be neat to see.