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Alice Eve Returns as Carol Marcus for Star Trek Fleet Command

Alive Eve portrayed the Kelvin Timeline’s Dr. Carol Marcus in 2013’s Star Trek Into Darkness. Some fans were disappointed she didn’t return in 2016’s Star Trek Beyond. Now she’s reprised ger role, however briefly, in a new promo for the mobile game Star Trek Fleet Command. Eve shared the promotional video -- which feature Eve both as herself and as Marcus -- to her Instagram account. “Carol Marcus has just joined the recruits in @StarTrekFleetCommand!” she wrote. “Tap the link in my bio to download. #StarTrek 🚀” You can watch the video above.

Star Trek Fleet Command is described as “the first free-roaming multiplayer Star Trek experience to combine role-playing game style progression and real-time battles with enemy ships—all on mobile devices. A fast-paced strategy experience, the game brings players unparalleled access to the Star Trek universe along with an epic narrative that unfolds as they travel to the furthest corners of the galaxy.”

“We’re thrilled to work with CBS Interactive on such iconic IP and believe we’ve designed an expansive, dynamic and super social Star Trek experience for both strategy and role-play gaming fans,” said Tim O’Brien, chief revenue officer at Scopely, in a statement. “We wanted to create a cinematic, action-packed, genre-defying game that embraces the heart of the franchise—exploration, to allow players to experience an entire galaxy of quests and missions for endless adventure.”

"We are always looking for new ways to bring fans more robust, interactive Star Trek experiences," said Rob Gelick, executive vice president and general Manager at CBS Entertainment Digital, CBS Interactive. “Star Trek Fleet Command is a unique new Star Trek game that lets fans decide their own fate in a vibrant galaxy full of epic ships and iconic characters. By bringing a massive multiplayer universe to mobile devices, Star Trek Fleet Command expands the franchise in a bold new way.”

Star Trek Fleet Command features stories written by Star Trek comic book writer Mike Johnson. With Paramount's Star Trek film franchise now in a holding pattern, Johnson teased in an interview that Fleet Command may present the opportunity to tell Kelvin Timeline stories set after the events of Star Trek Beyond.


“The game is indeed set in the Kelvin universe,” Johnson said. “It starts just before Star Trek Beyond. Our story will encompass the events of Beyond, and then we'll go... beyond Beyond.”

What do you think of Alice Eve reprising her role as Dr. Carol Marcus for Star Trek Fleet Command? Let us know in the comment. Star Trek Fleet Command is available now on Google Play and in the App Store.


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