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'Star Trek: Picard' Gets a Showrunner

As the upcoming Star Trek: Picard warps toward becoming a reality, more details about the show are emerging. Now comes the news that the show has an official showrunner. It’s not Alex Kurtzman, who runs basically everything else CBS All Access Star Trek these days! It is, in fact, a name that book-lovers know well. That’s right, cadets, author Michael Chabon, who joined the Picard writing room last year as an executive producer, now appears to be captaining this ship.

According to a Deadline exclusive, Chabon will serve as the show’s showrunner, to Kurtzman’s effusive praise:

Michael Chabon has never seemed more relatable to me. Imagine winning the Pulitzer Prize (that was for 2000’s sprawling fictional look at the early comic book industry, The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay), having every conceivable creative avenue open to you, and you choose to devote your energy Star Trek: Picard. This is, as the kids would say, a mood. Chabon, a lifelong Trekkie, is making every fan’s fantasy a reality.

While I’m glad for Chabon realizing this dream, I’m also curious to see what sort of tenor this will give Picard. He certainly is as well-immersed in the world and the characters as we could hope, and his involvement may attract viewers who are new to Star Trek.

Chabon has some experience with screenwriting (John Carter, Spiderman 2), but is known primarily for his novels. How will his literary sensibilities imprint onto Picard? At least if there’s a Star Trek vehicle that makes sense for Chabon, it’s the one featuring our erudite ex-Captain played by Sir Patrick Stewart. My fingers are crossed.

(via Deadline, image: Paramount)

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