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Star Trek: Discovery Showrunner Provides Update On Season 3

The first season of Star Trek: Discovery had a mixed reception from fans. Fortunately, season 2 was generally agreed to be an improvement, delving deep into classic Trek lore and introducing iconic characters into the mix. It also ended on a real barnstormer of a cliffhanger, in which the ship jumped 950 years into the future. This indicates we’ve got some fresh and exciting stories ahead of us and that the third season won’t interfere too much with established canon.

Right now, they’re prepping to begin shooting season 3, and  showrunner Alex Kurtzman recently made an appearance on Deadline’s Crew Call podcast to update us:

The time-jump puts the Discovery further into the future than any Trek story has ever gone, which should allow for some neat spins on species and settings. Kurtzman spoke to THR back in April about how excited they were with this new territory, saying:

Despite the time jump, things won’t be entirely disconnected from established Trek lore, though it’s explained that major events seen in the TV shows and movies will be “a very distant memory.”

However it turns out, it sounds like CBS are extremely happy with the way things have gone to date. Julie McNamara, Executive Vice President of original content at CBS All Access, explained that:

Between this and Picard, the next year or two should be bright spots for fans. And then, of course, there’s the tantalizing unknown factor of Quentin Tarantino’sStar Trekproject. Suffice it to say, there’s much to look forward to.