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Star Trek boss says Discovery season 3 will 'shake up canon hugely'

After the second series of Star Trek: Discoverywas launched out to streaming services at the beginning of this year, Star Trekfans have been scouring space on a mission to find out more information about the upcoming third season.

While we've already launched some of the answers to what the season will be all about here, more details about the plot of the new series has just touched down.

Discovery co-creator Alex Kurtzman has just transmitted some new intelligence about the next season at San Diego Comic-Con today (July 21).

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Discussing the plot, Kurtzman said: "Obviously we made a pretty radical jump into the future at the end of season two – we're going almost a 1000 years into the future in season three, which is crazy. Further than any Trek series has ever gone before."

However, he clarified that although there will be changes, the series will stay true to its roots, stating: "Every conversation about how we create Star Trek is filtered through [Gene] Roddenberry's essential vision of optimism, which can never really change because it is the spirit and soul of Trek for all of us. It's more important than ever."

He continued: "So there will be lots and lots of huge changes in season three – there will be things you recognise, there will be things you don't recognise... part of the fun of it is that we get to honour canon but shake it up hugely."

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However, Kurtzman was keen to assure fans things wouldn't be too different, and the show would definitely be recognisable to die-hard Trekkies.

"We're not erasing anything, so please don't worry about that," he revealed. "It's all still what it was. But we do get to shake it up quite a bit and I think the fun of how we get to a place of preserving that essential optimism is by testing it, and each of these [Trek] shows do that, in different ways."

"I just want to assure you all, first and foremost, that it's still Star Trek and it will always be Star Trek the way Roddenberry wanted it," he said. Phwew!

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He ended with revealing more details about the newShort Treks – one of which will be a prequel to the Picard series.

He said: "Some of the Short Treks will involve Spock, No. 1 and Pike – there'll be three new stories. Two of them are animated and they won't be in the style of either of our new animated shows – they're actually quite different.

"The last one will be a Picard teaser and it will give you a sense of some background that happened to Jean-Luc 15 years before we enter into the series. So everything connects and yet there are very fun standalone stories [too]."

You can watch the trailer for the new Short Treks below.

Star Trek: Discovery airs on CBS All Access in the US and Netflix internationally, including the UK.

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