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Details Revealed on Star Trek: Picard’s New Crew, Data & Dog

Further Star Trek: Picard details have emerged following the show's explosive San Diego Comic Con 2019 panel and trailer reveal. First announced in August 2018 by Patrick Stewart himself, Star Trek: Picard was confirmed to be another new Trek project in production, focusing on the retired life of the titular iconic Starfleet captain. Early details revealed little about Star Trek: Picard's cast and plot, and fans knew only that Stewart's character was haunted by a past event and living on the family vineyard with his dog, although franchise producer, Alex Kurtzman, claimed that Picard would head towards the stars eventually.

However, Star Trek: Picard's SDCC 2019 panel and the trailer unveiled during that presentation made a string of shocking reveals and provided an in-depth look at what to expect from the spinoff. The main premise of Star Trek: Picard sees Jean-Luc approached by a young girl in need of help, pulling the old Enterprise-D leader back to his adventurous life after years of relative boredom. The trailer confirmed that Brent Spiner would be returning as Data, Jeri Ryan would reprise her Star Trek: Voyager role as Seven of Nineand Jonathan Del Orco would appear as Hugh Borg. Other characters from the Star Trek: The Next Generation such as Riker and Troi have also been confirmed to appear.

Speaking with IGN following the Star Trek SDCC 2019 panel, the cast and crew of Star Trek: Picard revealed further details regarding the show's story and characters. On the issue of Picard's new mysterious crew, it's confirmed that the group are a renegade bunch with an ex-Starfleet leader. Furthermore, despite saying "engage" in the trailer for old time's sake, Picard will not be the captain of this crew. Brent Spiner revealed that Data would not be a member of Star Trek: Picard's main cast, but would instead pop up here and there. In terms of tone, Patrick Stewart suggested that certain "terrifying" real-world elements of the current political climate would find their way into Star Trek: Picard in a subtle fashion.

The cast also reaffirmed that Picard's dog would, rather brilliantly, be called Number One and, in a further interview with TV Line, Hugh Borg's role in Star Trek: Picard was revealed as the leader of a Borg colony.

These helpful new details provide additional context to the footage seen in the Star Trek: Picard trailer. It was fairly clear that the crew Picard joins forces with were not an official unit, but the fact that Santiago Cabrera's character is, like Jean-Luc, a former member of Starfleet explains why the two sides trust each other and come together. It's also reassuring that this new crew won't have the same Enterprise-esque dynamic, with Picard as captain, since this would tread too closely to Star Trek: The Next Generation territory.

With regards to Data's surprise appearance in the Star Trek: Picard trailer, Brent Spiner's assertion that the android is not a main character may add fuel to the theory that he's actually some form of hologram. Upon the trailer's release, many suspected that Picard was actually playing cards with a virtual version of Data, rather than the real deal, and being a supporting character certainly adds weight to that suggestion. Whatever the size of his role may be, many fans will simply be delighted to see Spiner return to the Star Trek franchise.

Star Trek: Picard premieres in 2020 on CBS All Access.

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