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Here's A 10 Hour Jean-Luc Picard Remix To Hold You Over Until His Star Trek Series

Those who can’t wait for Star Trek: Picard can now tide themselves over by watching a 10-hour Jean-Luc Picard remix video on YouTube. Thanks to CBS All Access and its commitment to creating year-round Star Trek content, Starship Enterprise captain Picard is returning to the streaming service for an all new series set years after the events of TNG and the Next Generation movies.

When the new series begins, former Starfleet officer Picard (Patrick Stewart) finds himself living a supposedly restful life on his family vineyard with his pit bull companion named Number One. But the restless Picard soon finds himself returning to space for a new adventure, accompanied by an all new crew. As was revealed this weekend at San Diego Comic-Con, Picard will feature some familiar faces from Star Trek lore, including TNG’s Data (Brent Spiner), Will Riker (Jonathan Frakes) and Deanna Troi (Marina Sirtis), Voyager’s Seven Of Nine (Jeri Ryan) and, most intriguingly, the freed Borg Hugh (Jonathan Del Arco), who featured in several TNG episodes revolving around the series’ most terrifying bad guys (who clearly will be a major presence in Picard).

All these new details on Picard no doubt have fans in a higher state of anticipation than ever, but unfortunately they’ll have to wait until later in 2019 for the episodes to begin streaming. Thankfully, YouTuber Kipper has come up with a way for Picard fans to get all the Picard they could ever want, in the form of a 10-hour Picard video (h/t Matt Patches). The video is actually a very extended remix of the legendary "Picard Video," which was produced by the artist CoJux way back in 2006. See the entire 10-hour remix video in the space below:

Featuring footage from TNG as well as the Next Generation movies, the remix video is set to a droning techno song with “lyrics” that are actually electronically manipulated lines from Picard himself. Indeed, anyone who can successfully sit through the entire 10-hour video can call themselves the greatest Picard fan on earth (actually watching the whole video might in fact be slightly less intense than seeing a superhero movie over 100 times in theaters as some fans do).

This 10-hour Picard video may be a nice, though slightly monotonous, way to look back on Picard’s past ahead of the debut of Star Trek: Picard, which itself promises to deal with certain events from Picard’s personal history, but will also definitely move the character - and indeed the entire Star Trek timeline - into the future. Thanks to this weekend’s reveals, Picard sounds like a more intriguing show than ever, and should prove to be a welcome addition to the Star Trek universe.

Source: Kipper (h/t Matt Patches)