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Star Trek Fleet Command Makes Way More Money Than We Thought

Star Trek Fleet Command, a MMO/strategy hybrid mobile game from developer Scopely, announced earlier that it had reached over $100 million in lifetime revenue. Star Trek Fleet Command launched globally on iOS and Android in November 2018 and has since become Scopely's fastest growing title in company history, with an average revenue per install figure that put it at the top of the class for mobile games launched in the west from November 2018 to May 2019.

Star Trek Fleet Command is just one of many mobile titles enjoying what was a massive year for the mobile platform, which is still dominated by stalwarts like Pokemon GO but has also seen the introduction of other games, like Dragalia Lost, that have made a major impact on revenue figures and player engagement. Star Trek Fleet Command starts players off with their own space station and one ship to their name, allowing them to explore a star system that is populated by both NPC planets and other players. Players can then pick up missions to acquire resources that in turn allow players to upgrade their space station, invest in new ships, and level up, increasing the amount of things they can do and the banked resources with which to do them.

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It's been a huge year for Scopely, too, and it's been capped thus far by the fact that Star Trek Fleet Command has already hit $100 million in lifetime revenue alongside surpassing 1.5 billion lifetime battles fought in-game. Star Trek Fleet Command has seen 85% of its player base play 5 days a week, with over 4.7 million days plaed in the game. Apart from making it Scopely's fastest title to ever hit $100 million in revenue, it also helped launch the company into surpassing $1 billion in lifetime revenue, allowing the developer to plan for a new LA headquarters coming in 2020 alongside the acquisition of Dublin-based DIGIT Games Studios.

Star Trek Fleet Command is the latest example of how a strong license with a passionate fanbase can translate into mobile gaming success. That being said, Star Trek Fleet Command is also a strong mobile game in its own right, having received positive reviews since launch for staying true to the feeling many fans expect from the Star Trek property. It certainly doesn't hurt that the franchise is also enjoying a strong period thanks to the success of Star Trek: Discovery, with that show set to launch into its season 3 950 years into the future.

The biggest takeaway from the success of Star Trek Fleet Command, however, is likely that mobile gaming remains the platform to be for developers looking to maximize profits. Like it or not, mobile games are still the most accessible medium for many players, and they've proven time and again that consumers are willing to shell out cash repeatedly if it's for a game with a good hook and a satisfying feedback loop.