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Star Trek: William Shatner Would Return For Quentin Tarantino's Film

William Shatner revealed he would like to reprise his famous role of Captain James T. Kirk for director Quentin Tarantino's prospective Star Trek film.

"Quentin Tarantino said something in the paper that somebody said to me, that he loved me," Shatner told Reuters. "And Quentin, I love you."

Shater continued, "If you're going to do Star Trek, fifty years later, a few pounds heavier, come on, not a problem." The actor was then evidently asked if he'd be up to join the proposed film, to which he replied, "Well, I'd like to do it. Whether I'd be up for it, I don't know."

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Of course, Shatner is incredibly synonymous with the role of Captain Kirk, having played the character since the maiden voyage of the original Star Trek television series back in 1966. Shatner subsequently reprised his role for Star Trek: The Animated Series, as well as all six original Star Trek movies. Not counting archival footage, Shatner's final time playing Kirk came in the 1994 film Star Trek Generations, the franchise's seventh theatrical release.

For some time, there have been talks of Tarantino helming his own R-rated Star Trek film, which would not shy away from the use of expletives, nor the "horrors of space." However, despite the renowned director apparently having his heart set on making the project a reality, nothing has yet to be officially announced. Notably, however, Shatner has already voiced his support for the project.

At the time, it remains unclear if Trekkies will ever get see Shatner play an R-rated Captain Kirk. For now, we'll simply have to wait and see if Tarantino's Star Trek is given the green light.