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SDCC 2019: What’s coming in The Orville Season 3

While the big news may have been The Orville moving to Hulu, Seth MacFarlane also brought some information about the upcoming third season.

When it came to The Orville, Seth MacFarlane’s homage to Star Trek: The Next Generation, the big news was the fact the series is moving to a new home. Starting with the upcoming third season the series will air exclusively on the Hulu streaming platform.

The move became necessary as The Orville became a victim of its own success. It had grown and evolved to the point where MacFarlane felt he needed more time to get Season 3 right, which would have become an issue for Fox.

Thus the move to Hulu and the late 2020 debut for the premiere of the third season.

Speaking of which, while the Hulu news overshadowed much of The OrvilleSan Diego Comic-Con panel, the cast and crew did bring some news about Season 3 as well as some reflections on the second season.

MacFarlane said that when it came to the tome of Season 3, you will see the show delve more into contemporary social issues, much the way Star Trek has been doing since the days of The Original Series.

Unfortunately for the fans, that probably doesn’t include a musical episode of The Orville.

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When asked about the possibility of Halston Sage, who left The Orville during Season 2, returning to the show at some point, MacFarlane didn’t rule anything out.

Executive producer and Star Trek veteran Brannon Braga spoke about the second season episode “Identity” and how it may be looked back on as The Orville’s “Best of Both Worlds” moment.

The panel also included a pair of deleted scenes from Season 2 which have now been released online.

Having to wait almost a year and a half for the third season of The Orville is going to be tough and the whole move to a pay service is sure to rankle many fans of the series. But if it gives viewers the best television show possible, it will be worth the wait. The Orville Season 3 is scheduled to arrive on Hulu sometime late next year.