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“Star Trek Online: Awakening” has Received an Official Teaser Trailer

The official teaser trailer for Star Trek Online: Awakening is here. The Awakening update will introduce Anthony Rapp‘s Lieutenant Commander Paul Stamets when it launches on September 10, 2019.

As you might expect, this will conclude Star Trek Online‘s Age of Discovery story arc by bringing players back to the fight against the Elachi in the mysterious Mycelial Network. Additionally, this update will bring the game back to its original timeline in the year 2410.

“Last fall marked a historical moment for Star Trek Online, as we explored the vast universe of Star Trek: Discovery and developed content in conjunction with a live Star Trek series for the very first time,” said Executive Producer Andre Emerson. “The show’s cadence also allowed us to build an expansion over time, yielding exciting new missions, dozens of unexplored starships and countless hours of story content starring original Discovery cast members. The time has now come for captains to return home to the 25th century and we cannot wait for them to experience the next chapter.”

The update includes new episodes, five new patrols, and a new event that can award you a T6 model Elachi ship.

You can check out the official teaser trailer below. The Awakening update will hit on September 10, 2019.

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