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Terry Farrell Confirms Jadzia Dax Was Pansexual on 'DS9'

Terry Farrell, who played Chief Science Officer (and later Commanding Officer) Jadzia Dax on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine recently confirmed that the character was pansexual, as shared in a tweet from the TrekMovie Twitter account. Farrell said of Jadzia’s sexuality, “The only rule was ‘are you interesting to me, and do I want to know more about you?’

As someone who is currently binging DS9, this certainly tracks with the impression of Jadzia that we’ve seen so far. She seems really drawn to people who intrigue her above anything else, even if you can straight-up see their brain on display. Plus, as a Trill with a symbiont, Jadzia has lived as multiple genders with wives, husband, children, etc.

While the show came out in the mid-90s and there were certain limitations in terms of what they could show on television, there’s a lot of subtext that is clear from the writers and actors, and the fourth-season episode “Rejoined,” in which Dax kisses the ex-wife of one of her former hosts. The recent documentary What We Left Behind: Looking Back at Star Trek: Deep Space Nine mentions that while “Rejoined” was important and even groundbreaking in its time, DS9’s creatives, in retrospect, wish that they had done more to push the envelope in regards to sexuality on the show.

I will say that we know that Garak/Julian are OTP and if there is any good fan art please link and share because I have a mighty need.

(via Twitter, image: CBS)

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