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Star Trek: Lower Decks takes place after Nemesis

In a new interview, Mike McMahan has clarified when exactly Star Trek: Lower Decks takes place in the larger Trekverse and if the new show will be canon.

Star Trek: Lower Decks will represent a lot of new ground for Star Trek as a franchise when it makes its debut on CBS All Access sometime next year.

It will be the first time Star Trek has used animation to tell stories since Star Trek: The Animated Series way back in 1973. It will also be the first time the franchise has entered the realm of humor, and a more adult skewing humor at that. Additionally, it will be the first expansion into a brand new point in the timeline that doesn’t feature any recognizable characters.

That’s a whole lot of “new” for a single show.

That’s probably why Alex Kurtzman and his team brought in Mike McMahan to spearhead the show and bring it to life. Because if anyone can pull off all of the above, it’s the creator of the already iconic show Rick and Morty.

McMahan was recently interviewed by Comic where he clarified some of the information that has been revealed about Lower Decks, including the setting and time period when it takes place.

It has been confirmed that the series follows the crew of the USS Cerritos as they engage in what are called “second contact” missions. Basically that means they show up once all the excitement is over and discoverer all the good places to eat. In addition, the show will take place in 2380, one year after the events of Star Trek: Nemesis.

As for why that particular point in the timeline, for McMahan it was part ego, part practical.

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As for if that means we’ll be hearing some familiar voices on the show, McMahan doesn’t know if that’s possible but would love for it to happen.

As for the dreaded question of whether Lower Decks will be canon or not, McMahan in effect says if it isn’t going to be canon, why bother?

Of all the shows coming in this new Golden Age of Star Trek, Lower Decks has the potential to be a real breakout hit. Combining Rick and Morty with Star Trek seems like such a natural thing to do and could give fans a show the likes of which no one has seen before.

Star Trek: Lower Decks is scheduled to arrive sometime later in 2020 on CBS All Access.