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STLV 2019: Jason Isaacs wants to return to Star Trek in the worst way

While at Star Trek Las Vegas, Jason Isaacs talked about how badly he wants to return to the franchise and how Prime Lorca may still be out there.

One thing that makes Star Trek Las Vegas stand out is the fun, free wheeling approach to the panels. Actors come and go, crash other people’s panels and generally fun is had by both the stars and the attendees.

Anson Mount‘s panel at STLV was no exception as when he finished with the solo portion, none other than Jason Isaacs came out and the two began an informal “Tales of the Captains of Discovery” panel.

Of course Isaacs, as any Star Trek: Discovery fan is well aware, played Captain Gabriel Lorca in the first season of the series. It was later revealed he was the Mirror Universe version and the character met a grim and final end before Season 1 came to an end.

As reported by the fine folks at TrekMovie, Isaacs’ talked about becoming a part of the Star Trek family and how, even though he knew what was going to happen to Lorca, he still missed it a lot when it was over.

Isaacs was later asked if he would retyrn to Star Trek if the producers asked and the short answer was a very enthusiastic yes.

Isaacs then later added that he has even gone so far as to talk to the producers about him coming back, whether that be on Discovery or another of the many new Star Trek shows in production.

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Of course, the final fate of the Prime Universe version of Gabriel Lorca is still very much a question mark. According to Discovery, the character was thrown into the Mirror Universe in the middle of a space battle and was never heard from again.

So would it be a challenge for Isaacs to play a different version of the same character? The actor doesn’t seem to think the two versions are all that different.

It pretty much goes without saying that many fans would love to see Jason Isaacs on Star Trek again, whether that be Discovery, Section 31 or even possibly Picard. He is an incredibly talented actor and if he wants to return to the franchise, Alex Kurtzman and the crew at CBS should make it a priority to make it happen.

Seriously, who wouldn’t want to watch Star Trek: Lorca?