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Karl Urban Wants Quentin Tarantino's Star Trek Movie to Happen

Karl Urban has vocalized his support for a Quentin Tarantino directed Star Trek movie. Previously, Urban played Leonard "Bones" McCoy in J.J. Abrams' Star Trek franchise, which had its fourth installment recently shelved for a number of reasons. One of the biggest being that its predecessor, Star Trek Beyond, did poorly at the box office despite receiving rave reviews from both critics and fans. Many fans also considered it to be the best entry of the rebooted series, which was later dubbed the Kelvin Timeline. Unfortunately, it so far seems unlikely that the film will be picked up again. But, after recent announcements that stated how Abrams' company, Bad Robot, is nearing a $500 million deal with WarnerMedia, Star Trek's fourth installment could possibly be revived in the future.

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Until that day arrives, Urban is currently riding a superhero high from Amazon's series, The Boys, where he plays Billy Butcher. The show, based on Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson's comic series of the same name, is a satirical take on the superhero comic book genre that has quickly become Amazon's most-watched show of 2019. This isn't too surprising, as superhero content has rapidly increased in popularity over the years, but The Boys provided a fresh take on the genre. Now, Urban is keeping his fingers crossed for being a part of another major project.

Back in 2017, Quentin Tarantino revealed to the world that he was planning on developing an R-rated Star Trek which would also be produced by Abrams. Two years have gone by and not much else is known about the project, except that it is said to be like Pulp Fiction in space. During an interview with HuffPost, Urban was asked about the project and he explained that he really has, "no information," about it and that he hasn't, "read a script for it," but understands the, "basic concept of it." He also referred to the idea of it as, "bananas," but went on to add that, "Quentin Tarantino doing that film would be phenomenal." He concluded that Tarantino is one of the, "most exciting filmmakers that's currently working," and that the studio, "would be insane not to let him do [the movie]."

Whether Tarantino's Star Trek ends up working out or not, the filmmaker has vocalized that his 10th film would be his last. Currently, he's riding a wave of success with his ode to 1969 Hollywood, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, but he's mentioned numerous times that he's only planning on adding one more movie to his filmography. He has stated that making a Star Trek film could serve as a loophole and that the proper way to bring his directorial career to a close would be to end on an original movie, but fans will just have to wait and see until an official announcement is made.

Considering how popular Abrams' Star Trek films are, a Tarantino directed feature would surely be a successful addition. Not to mention, the recent success of various Star Trek television shows have proven that the franchise is still thriving. Bringing an exciting new filmmaker into the fray could be a fun way to spice up the series. Not to mention, bringing some of the old cast members back, like Urban, would be a fantastic way to bring Abrams and Tarantino's Star Trek films together.

Source: HuffPost