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Star Trek's Wil Wheaton Dressed as Commander Riker For an '80s Costume Party

Wil Wheaton is known for playing Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation. He played a different Next Generation character for a recent special occasion. Wheaton dressed as Cmdr. Will Riker, played by Jonathan Frakes in The Next Generation, while attending his wife Anne Wheaton’s 50th birthday party, which had a 1980s theme. Unsurprisingly, Wheaton seems a natural fit for the Star Trek: The Next Generation era Starfleet uniform.

“Last night, we had a 50th birthday party for @annewheaton,” Wheaton shared with the photo on Saturday. “She requested an 80s costume party, so I went as Commander Riker from season three of TNG.”

What do you think? Take a look at the photo below.

This photo could offer a glimpse at what Wesley would look like if he had returned to Starfleet after journeying with the Traveler for a time. We know that some of his former co-stars -- including Frakes -- will join Patrick Stewart in the new CBS All Access show Star Trek: Picard. Wheaton has said in the past that he'd be up for returning if asked, though he believes that's unlikely to happen.

“So, when they announced the Picard series I got excited for Star Trek in a way that I haven’t been since the last season of Deep Space Nine,” Wheaton said. “I got so excited for it because I love Patrick and I love that character and the Next Gen timeline, which is also the Deep Space Nine timeline, is the timeline that I love the most. It might be cheating a little bit because I was part of that timeline so I’m emotionally invested in it, but I was a fan before I was part of the show, and I am thrilled that we are going to get to see what Picard is doing now. I’m excited about that.


“I think it is very unlikely they will ask me to participate in it. I mean, I think it is just extraordinarily unlikely that will happen. If they did, I would say ‘yes,’ of course. I think all of us would say ‘yes.’ I think all of us if we were given the opportunity to put on the spacesuits again and go work together and bring those characters back, as they would be thirty years later, we would all say ‘yes.’ And I don’t think it’s because we want the work. I don’t think it’s because we need the money. I don’t think it’s because we don’t have other things to do. It’s because we love each other so much and an opportunity, even for a day, to return emotionally to some of the best times of our lives, I think that we would jump at that opportunity.”

What do you think of Wheaton's Riker costume? Let us know in the comments.


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