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Happy Birthday To Star Trek: The Next Generation Star Jonathan Frakes

It’s been quite some time since Star Trek: The Next Generationwent off the air, but series veteran Jonathan Frakes has been keeping busy since we last saw Commander William T. Riker traveling through space. While some of his colleagues may have faded into obscurity, Frakes has found steady work both as an actor, but also as a director.

Aside from numerous Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and Discovery episodes, he directed Star Trek: First Contact and Insurrection, as well as Clockstoppers and Thunderbirds. He’s kept busy with numerous television roles, appearing on Family Guy, Adventure Time, Guardians of the Galaxy, and NCIS: Los Angeles over the past decade.

Still, most will remember him from his work on The Next Generation. As a result, it might come as a shock that Frakes is celebrating his 67th birthday today (yes, the time has flown by). Still, despite his age, he isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. Not only will he be directing part of Star Trek: Picardhe’s also planning to step in front of the camera and reprise his role as William Riker, with TNG co-star Marina Sirtis coming back as Deanna Troi.

If you’re looking to reminisce and check out some of Frakes’ work, we highly recommend “The Best of Both Worlds,” the two-parter episode where he takes on the role of captain after Picard is captured and assimilated by the Borg. “Second Chances” – which introduces an alternate version of Riker, who was created during a transporter malfunction – is also worth watching.

Personally, we can’t wait to see Jonathan Frakes back on screen in Star Trek: Picard and everyone here from We Got This Covered wishes him a happy birthday.

Source: Trek News