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Terry Farrell confirms that Jadzia Dax was pansexual

While attending Star Trek Las Vegas, Terry Farrell confirmed something about her character that most Deep Space Nine fans already suspected.

Today, diversity and inclusion are becoming more and more commonplace in television and movies. There is still a lot of work to be done, but things are getting better. And once again Star Trek is leading the way.

Star Trek has long been a franchise that embraced inclusion and shattered taboos that other shows wouldn’t dare tackle. From the earliest days of The Original Series which showed the first interracial kiss on television to Star Trek: Discovery, which features a married LGBTQ couple in the form of Paul Stamets and Hugh Culber, the show has often gone where other feared to tread.

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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine was a series that also pushed boundaries and took on subjects that most shows wouldn’t. From showing the horrors of war to casting an African American in the lead, Deep Space Nine was ahead of its time in many ways.

Now Terry Farrell, who played Jadzia Dax on the first six seasons of DS9 has confirmed something that many fans suspected for years. That her character was in fact pansexual.

Farrell took part in the What We Left Behind panel at Star Trek Las Vegas a few weeks ago that covered the recent crowdfunded documentary about the series when the subject came up. Farrell then confirmed that yes, Dax was pansexual.

Of course if you are at all familiar with the character of Dax you realize this makes perfect sense. Being a Trill the Dax symbiont lived seven lives before being joined with Jadzia, both male and female.

The fourth season episode “Rejoined” took on this subject head on with Jadzia encountering one of the symbiont’s former wives. Dax was ready to give up everything to resume the relationship despite the ramifications but her former wife decided against it. It was the kind of episode that would have made Gene Roddenberry proud.

It’s revelations like this that make the hate and anger directed against Discovery so inexplicable. The haters go on and on saying that Discovery is too “politically correct” or that it represents SJW television. The simple fact is that Star Trek has been telling these kinds of stories almost from day one. If you don’t see that and can’t appreciate them, it might be time to find another science-fiction series to watch.

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