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Star Trek: 10 Geordi Logic Memes That Are True And Hilarious

While the original Star Trek TV series is considered a classic, many argue its sequel Star Trek: The Next Generationis the better show.Not only did it have more mature stories, but also well-written characters played by decent actors.

One such character was Geordi La Forge, who served as the chief engineer of the USS Enterprise-D.Played by LeVar Burton, he was one of the few disabled characters in the Star Trek franchise let alone African-American ones.He also became a popular character to be used in Star Trek memes with some truly hilarious ones highlighted here.

10 Visor Cat

Since the early days of the Internet, cats and memes have often gone together like the bizarre peanut butter and jelly sandwich they are.So of course, one might try to combine a Star Trek-related slogan with a cute-looking cat to create a hilarious meme like the one above.

Though it’s clear that Geordi’s iconic VISOR has been photoshopped over the cat’s eyes, it looks natural enough to where one almost buys the cat is actually wearing it.Plus, the slogan is funny as the person who’s speaking is berating the cat for being silly enough to wear the VISOR in the first place.

9 Watches Next Generation Once

The VISOR that Geordi wears is not only uniquely designed, but it also represents how the advanced technology in the Star Trekuniverse is able to benefit people.Because since birth, Geordi had been blind.  Then after being given the VISOR, he can now see things close to the way an ordinary person does.

As a result, he’s arguably a role model for disabled people as he works past his disability and plays an important role on the ship he’s stationed on.With that said, what the kid is doing in the above meme is hilarious as they’re trying to be like Geordi by putting a glowing neon tube around their eyes.

8 Google Glasses

When the Google Glass was first announced, it became the subject of a lot of memes due to its technological significance and controversial status since many people feared it would invade their own privacy.Thus, comparing the Google Glass to Geordi’s VISOR in Star Trek: The Next Generationbecame a meme that is hilariously exemplified in the above image.

Although with that said, the functions of the VISOR are not quite the same as the Google Glass.For instance, while the Google Glass basically serves as a wearable iPhone Geordi’s VISOR (or Visual Instrument and Sight Organ Replacement) allows him to not only see but also detect things like heartbeats temperature and even lies.

7 Power Fluctuations

Of the characters that have been introduced in recent seasons of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, none has arguably been more overhyped than Flurry Heart (shown right of Geordi).The baby niece of the series’ main protagonist Twilight Sparkle, Flurry Heart was born with incredible magical powers that manifested in sudden bursts yet the show has never followed up on this plot point thus far.

Because of her cuteness, though, Flurry Heart became perfect material for memes as the above example shows.Though what makes this one hilarious is how Geordi implies the bursts of power that Flurry Heart exemplifies are nothing compared to the power fluctuations that he has to occasionally deal with regarding the Enterprise-D’s engines in Star Trek: The Next Generation.

6 Reading Rainbow At 5

During Next Generation’s runtime, there were other shows that Geordi’s actor LeVar Burton was involved in.Aside from doing the opening narration and providing the voice of Kwame in the cartoon series Captain Planet and the Planeteers, Burton was also the host for the educational program Reading Rainbow.

Intended to encourage children to read by spotlighting popular books based around particular topics, Reading Rainbow lasted two decades and is arguably one of the most well-known shows Burton was in aside from Star Trek: The Next Generation.So the above meme makes fun of these two different roles using a picture of Geordi wearing something like Burton would’ve worn on Reading Rainbow thus making it hilarious.

5 Four Eyes

Aside from making Geordi cooler than he already was, a lot of the memes surrounding him also tried to make him seem like a tough no-nonsense type of guy.While the one with Flurry Heart sort of implies that, this particular meme makes it more apparent with its humorous yet admittedly dark slogan.

Still, it’s hilarious due to the fact that the guy who calls Geordi “Four Eyes” is a Red Shirt, which is an informal term for the security personnel onboard starships in the Star Trekuniverse who typically wear red shirts.But because they’re the ones who usually die first in any given Star Trek episode, it makes the fact that this guy apparently died by Geordi’s hand funnier.

4 Ejecting the Warp Core

Regarding the Warp Core breach mentioned in the previous meme, this was a catastrophic event where the core of a starship’s engines that make Warp Drive possible essentially fail which could destroy the ship.One of the ways for preventing this is to eject the Warp Core itself, though this was meant to be a last-ditch effort when the systems used to prevent such a thing from happening in the first place failed.

Still, this became a more common occurrence in the Star Trekseries starting with Next Generation.Hence, the above meme makes fun of that with its slogan about Geordi ejecting the Warp Core over something relatively less problematic like the lights not working in his room thus making the situation hilarious in the process.

3 Unlimited Data

When it comes to modern technology, the two major companies that are currently dominating the market are Apple and Google.This not only applies to their cellphone and laptop series, but also their operating systems which are iOS (Apple) and Android (Google) respectively.

Because of the obvious rivalry between them, this of course spawned a bunch of memes including the above one which cleverly makes puns out of the words ‘Android’ and ‘Data’ in reference to the android character Data on Star Trek: The Next Generation.The meme is made additionally hilarious by the presence of Geordi, who was one of Data’s closest friends.

2 Emotional Chip

One of the ongoing elements in Star Trek: The Next Generationwas Data’s attempts at understanding human emotions despite not being programmed with any.But there was the Emotion Chip, which Data’s creator made and accidentally inserted into Data’s brother android Lore who tried to use it to manipulate Data.

Then in the Next Generation movies, Data decided to insert the Emotion Chip into himself with Geordi’s help and with it came unexpected consequences.So this meme makes fun of that decision by making it seem like a mistake given Data’s creepily hilarious face with the additional absurdity that Geordi also gave the Tricorder Data is holding an Emotion Chip too.

1 Artificial Eyes

While Data was implanted with the Emotion Chip, Geordi also underwent a major physical change in the movies based on Star Trek: The Next Generation.His VISOR was replaced with ocular implants that were basically artificial eyes which had the same capabilities as the VISOR and more.

Because this changed Geordi’s look so much, it was only a matter of time before a meme came along to make fun of this as the above image shows.Though what makes this meme particularly hilarious is not just the slogan, but according to Laughing Squid this image was taken at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con where LeVar Burton himself was talked into taking a picture wearing Googly Eyes.