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The REDSHIRTS Webcomic Adventures continue with No. 2

The (mis)adventures continues in the second addition of our ongoing comic strip REDSHIRTS.

Caves are used a lot in the history of Star Trek. They are places that advanced civilisations seem to have a preference for when it comes to setting up prisons; the home of some unknown alien danger that are terrorising the local inhabitants or places of sanctuary or cultural significance.

Believe it or not because they place such a role in Star Trek, the online Trek database Memory Alpha has an entire sub section dedicated to them. It makes interesting reading and helps when it

comes to those “I know more about Trek than you” debates you have with your friends, if you can start spouting individual caves to them well then, your well on your way to expert level nerdiness.

One thing that has always struck me about the caves in Star Trek is the way they are so well illuminated. Seriously! Yes some are lit by torches and some have electrical lights but I am talking about the ones that don’t. The one that springs to mind to me is the Original Series episode, ‘The Devil in the Dark’ in which James T Kirk and Mr Spock chase a creature through newly created caverns, created by the creature itself in areas that no one has been before. But boy is it well lit.

That’s the inspiration behind today’s entry into Redshirts.

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