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10 Heroes Who Could Take Spider-Man’s Spot In the MCU

Fans of the Marvel Universe reacted emotionally to the news that Spider-Man was no longer going to be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The world-building that took Spider-Man from a Tony Stark protegé to someone who helped Nick Fury is over. Spider-Man will have to go it alone now with his Sony-controlled characters, since the studios can't reach an agreement on profit sharing.

This change also leaves a huge vacancy in the Marvel Universe. Spider-Man: Far From Home was the studio's most recent billion-dollar film, and they have to find a replacement. Here is a look at 10 Marvel characters who could take Spider-Man's place in the MCU.


At D23, Marvel and Disney announced a new slate of live-action TV shows coming to Disney+. One of these was Ms. Marvel. For those who don't read comics, Ms. Marvel is Kamala Khan, a teen with body-morphing abilities caused by the Inhumans' Terrigen Bomb.

She is a perfect choice to replace Spider-Man for a couple of reasons. First of all, she is a teenager. That would put her in the position of the high school student who also wants to be a superhero. She is also very energetic and is a true fangirl of superheroes, another Spider-Man trait. Marvel said she would appear in movies soon, so this is a strong possibility.


MCU fans met the Nova Corps, but they never met Nova himself. The first Nova was a high school student named Richard Ryder. He was very similar to Peter Parker, and the two had familiar character arcs, from kids learning their powers to iconic adult heroes.

However, in keeping with the young teenage years, it's Sam Alexander who needs to play Nova in the MCU. He is the son of Jesse Alexander, a former Nova Corps member. When Sam put on his dad's helmet, he gained the powers of Nova, but it took a long time to start to master them. If the MCU wants to keep the character that replaces Spider-Man as a male, Nova is perfect.


Just like Ms. Marvel, Moon Knight is getting his own Disney+ series. Unlike Ms. Marvel, Moon Knight replacing Spider-Man is a very different prospect. In this case, it is replacing one superhero with a different one, albeit a very different one.

Moon Knight is a former mercenary who gains powers thanks to Khonshu, the moon god. He will start on television, but Moon Knight has so much potential that a movie down the line is definitely not out of the question.


Spider-Man is one of the most popular superheroes in the Marvel Universe. Even before he came to Marvel, he was popular, with the Sam Raimi trilogy --and even the Amazing Spider-Man movies-- making a lot of money. Wolverine is just as popular; maybe more so.

Now that Spider-Man is heading back to Sony, Wolverine and the X-Men are coming to the MCU. The way that Marvel introduces the mutants remains unknown, but bringing in Wolverine is something the MCU has to do. Can they recast and work their magic? If they can, Logan can easily make people forget Spider-Man.


The MCU is getting back the Fantastic Four. That is awesome, since Fox has gone 0-for-3 in FF movies since they started making them. Losing Spider-Man makes fans remember how sad it is that Peter Parker and Johnny Storm will never become best friends in the MCU.

However, Marvel is also getting FF characters, and if they want to attract the young audiences that Spider-Man brought in, they can work in the Future Foundation. This group is comprised of the children of the Fantastic Four, some of the smartest in the world. Valeria and company could be great additions to the high school MCU scene.


The Hawkeye Disney+ series has already announced that Kate Bishop will make her MCU debut. With Clint Barton likely headed the way of Steve Rogers and Tony Stark, he has a chance in this series to train his replacement.

Kate Bishop was one of the original members of the Young Avengers. Once she gets settled on the Disney+ series, everyone expects her to be part of that team in the movie world. Much like Ms. Marvel, Kate is only a little older than Peter Parker and could be a great replacement in the MCU as well.


It will be interesting to see what the MCU has planned for Hulk. They introduced Professor Hulk in Avengers: Endgame and his story will continue. They are also bringing in She-Hulk for her own Disney+ series, so there is no telling how a second gamma-radiated superhero will enter the MCU.

With that said, if the idea is to replace Spider-Man with a young character, Amadeus Cho is an excellent option. He already exists in the MCU, having made two cameos. Bringing him in as the Totally Awesome Hulk could be a way to keep the green goliath in the MCU for the next generation of heroes.


The Young Avengers are reportedly coming to the MCU. The arrival of Ms. Marvel and Hawkeye also makes it seem they are heading in that direction. This means it is time to introduce Hulkling and Wiccan as well. Here are two more teenage characters, which would replace Peter Parker with the high school-aged characters.

There is also something else big about this duo that could add a touch to the MCU: they are in a relationship with each other. Plus, Hulkling is the son of Mar-Vell and a Skrull princess. Wiccan has the essence of Scarlet Witch's son in him. These relations could offer some great storytelling directions for the next phase.


America Chavez is the polar opposite of Peter Parker. He is smart and quiet, although with a smart mouth. America also has a smart mouth, but she is street smart and has a big mouth that packs a mighty punch.

Ms. America is a replacement for Spider-Man that moves the action out of high school and onto the streets. America is also from the multiverse, offering a chance to play around with that after teasing it in Spider-Man: Far From Home.


Forget high schools and young kids. The character best suited to replace Spider-Man is one that is just as iconic as him, even if they are very different. Daredevil was the Netflix original series that started it all. It was massively popular and generated a lot of fan excitement for three seasons.

There is a waiting period before Marvel can use Daredevil, though. Since their movies are booked up until 2022, and with so many heroes, there is no hurry to replace Spider-Man. However, when they do replace him, Daredevil is the hero who (arguably) fits the bill better than any other.