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Ethan Peck Really Wants That ‘Captain Pike’ Star Trek Series, Too

Star Trek: Discovery star Ethan Peck appears at Trekonderoga

Ethan Peck appeared at the fifth annual Trekonderoga convention in Ticonderoga, New York over the weekend and discussed a myriad of topics related to Star Trek: Discovery and his portrayal of Spock in the series. The 33-year old actor revealed his initial reaction to being cast as Spock, the online controversy around Spock’s beard and his hopes for an Anson Mount-led “Captain Pike” series, during his hour-long solo panel in the Ticonderoga High School auditorium.

Peck joined the cast of Discovery for the series’ second season to play the iconic role of Spock, made famous by Leonard Nimoy in The Original Series, and later portrayed by Zachary Quinto in the “Kelvin Timeline” trilogy of films.

Spock’s makeup, and that Captain Pike series

During the Q&A, Peck was asked if his Spock makeup is comfortable, he answered with a smile, saying:

He went on to describe how the makeup department on Discovery uses thin prosthetic “eyebrow blockers,” as opposed to actually shaving his eyebrows in the Vulcan style:

Because of the layers of makeup that need to be applied and the amount of detail, Peck revealed just how time-consuming it can be:

Peck was asked if was a Star Trek fan prior to joining the cast of Discovery. He disclosed that he grew up as a big science-fiction fan — especially the work of Isaac Asimov, including The End of Eternity.

Being cast as Spock and how he mentally prepares to play the character

Peck was later asked what informs his performance as Spock and described how he prepares to take on the role, prior to filming:

The beard

When Peck was revealed as a bearded Spock in the second season trailer for Discovery, it spurred quite the controversy online. The actor discussed his character’s facial hair and his initial reaction to it.

Peck went on to discuss his life and career thus far:

On what he’d like to explore with the Spock character, Peck said:

More from Trekonderoga

The team was in Ticonderoga over the weekend, so check back soon as we’ll have more articles and photos from the event.

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