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Ethan Peck Wants To Return As Spock For Captain Pike Star Trek Spinoff

Ethan Peck joined the Star Trekuniverse as the latest incarnation of Spock in Discoveryseason 2. Though he made a big impact with the fans, don’t expect to see him back in season 3, as the last time we saw the U.S.S. Discovery crew, they were shooting off 1,000 years into the futureTrek lovers are hoping, however, that CBS will give us a spinoff series to continue the adventures of Peck’s Spock, Anson Mount’s Captain Pike and Rebecca Romijn’s Number One (Una). And that’s something that Peck himself would want, too.

The actor attended the Trekonderoga convention in Ticonderoga, New York over the weekend and was asked about the difficulty in wearing the Vulcan make-up. Peck discussed that it’s not particularly comfy, though the ears actually are. He then went on to talk about the prosthetic “eyebrow blockers” he has to wear and, in doing so, revealed that he, Mount and Romijn all want their own show. For Peck, a bonus would be that he could just shave off his eyebrows.

Star TrekTV architect Alex Kurtzman has said that a pre-TOS Enterprise spinoff is a possibility, so fans – and the actors themselves – shouldn’t lose hope. After all, the franchise is ever-expanding on the CBS All Access platform and beyond, with Picard, Lower Decks, that Nickelodeon animated series and others on the way. As such, there must be room for more Pike and Spock in their plans.

While we wait to learn more though, at least the trio are set to return in Short Treksseason 2. Pike will appear in one episode, with both Spock and Number One turning up for the sixth outing, “Chaos Theory.” Two other episodes will be animated and another will bring back the Tribbles. Look out for that next year.