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Star Trek: TNG Characters Sorted Into Their Hogwarts Houses

Star Trek: The Next Generationis such a beloved and engaging series for many reasons, from its diverse, beloved cast to its cool sci-fi themes that often spoke of tolerance and acceptance. TNG revived the entire Star Trek franchise, paving the way for more series to follow it, and it remains one of the fandom favorites to this day.

While fans are excited to revisit favorite cast members in CBS's upcoming Star Trek: Picard, the fandom is often mixed with other fandoms, particularly in fanart and even shows like Family Guy, which begs the question: What would it be like if Picard, Riker and crew were at Hogwarts School of Witchraft and Wizardry, and which Houses would they be sorted into?

10 Picard: Ravenclaw

Is there any doubt which Hogwarts House the Sorting Hat would place Captain Jean-Luc Picard into? Sure, he has the commanding presence of a Gryffindor, the cunning of a Slytherin and the loyalty of a Hufflepuff, but this captain has the style, the refined tastes and the cerebral capabilities of a Ravenclaw.

Captain Picard's keen mind and pursuit of intellectual interests would be best served within Professor Flitwick's House. Jean-Luc would easily be a prefect sipping Earl Grey tea in the Ravenclaw common room, poring over ancient runes and telling his first-year newbies to "Make it so."

9 Troi: Hufflepuff

Like anyone in Starfleet, Counselor Deanna Troi could really be placed in any Hogwarts House based on her skills and personality, but she would best fit in with other Hufflepuffs. Troi is kind and compassionate, with a door always open to the rest of her shipmates who need assistance, and she's always been one of the most loyal characters on board.

Troi accepts people for who they are, a hallmark of the Hufflepuff. She values trust and friendship, forming strong emotional bonds with the people she cares about on the Enterprise. Her half-Betazoid powers would not only be well accepted but put to use in this house.

8 Riker: Slytherin

Commander William Riker, Captain Picard's First Officer, does have the adventuring spirit of a Gryffindor, but ultimately his cunning mind, pride and ability to look out for (you guessed it) number one make him a Slytherin at heart. The time he remarked, "Speak for yourself, sir. I plan to live forever," was saturated with Slytherin energy, and while he surely wouldn't create Horcruxes in order to accomplish such a lofty goal, he would surely seek out other means to at least get closer to that dream.

Being a Slytherin a fantastic asset for a Starfleet Commander since the position requires every possible angle to be explored quickly to protect the crew (and oneself) from certain doom at all times. Snape could teach him to brew fame and bottle glory, which would be pretty appealing to Riker.

7 La Forge: Ravenclaw

In a science fiction program, we're bound to have a Ravenclaw majority, especially with so many scientists on board the Enterprise. One of the most obvious Ravenclaws is Geordi La Forge, a man of science who pursues knowledge not only for his job as the chief engineer of the Enterprise but for the sake of learning itself.

La Forge is absolutely relentless. He once stayed up all night to fix a simple problem in a shuttle craft, and he's often the quickest thinker on board, devising solutions even as problems develop. He would flourish under flitwick's tutelage and likely even come up with his own spells.

6 Dr. Crusher: Hufflepuff

As the ship's resident chief medical officer and the head of Starfleet Medical, Beverley Crusher would definitely do well in Ravenclaw, but it's under Professor Sprout in the Hufflepuff House where she would shine brightest. The character's biggest trait is her compassion, which is a trademark of the Hufflepuff. It also makes sense for a Healer to have some herbal background.

Dr. Crusher even admits that she should be tougher on her emotions as a doctor to Captain Picard, saying, "Where are all the callouses we doctors are supposed to grow over our feelings?" He assures her that the good ones don't get them, which really sums Bev up in a nutshell.

5 Wesley Crusher: Ravenclaw

Some might want to joke about Wesley Crusher being a squib, or that he's Hermione Granger's twin, since he can be so insufferable. The Sorting Hat might even pause on Slytherin, as it did with Harry Potter, since he abandoned his chance with Star Fleet for more selfish pursuits, but ultimately this child prodigy has to be in Ravenclaw.

Wesley's child prodigy status, combined with his ability to create incredible plans out of thin air and his desire to leave with the Traveler in pursuit of more knowledge all point toward his belief that wit beyond measure being man's greatest treasure.

4 Data: Hufflepuff

Data's obvious placement would be in Ravenclaw, but whether by choice or by his true personality, the android would end up in Hufflepuff instead. This is not only where he could learn the most about human behavior, but it would match his self-sacrificing nature. Data has given the ultimate sacrifice for his friends, proving that loyalty is his strongest trait.

Data's sentimentality, adorable pet ownership and willingness to help anyone, anytime fit much more into the Hufflepuff realm than any other house, and while he might be a literal walking computer, his yearning to be more human-like is much stronger than his desire to acquire more knowledge in general.

3 Worf: Gryffindor

If Worf weren't placed into Gryffindor by the Sorting Hat, his pride could easily land him into the Slytherin House, but he's just too willing to off himself in battle to perish in a blaze of glory to be in Professor Snape's house. Worf doesn't event think that his promotion to chief security officer aboard the Enterprise is even an honorable one since he didn't earn it himself, and obtained it when Yar was offed instead.

By continually risking his life to save others and valuing valor and honor above all else, Worf has demonstrated that he belongs in Professor McGonagall's house.

2 Guinan: Hufflpuff

Like many people aboard the Enterprise, Guinan could easily belong into a hybrid house, since she has the kindness and loyalty of a Hufflepuff alongside the wisdom of a Ravenclaw. If she had to choose, however, Guinan would likely veer toward Hufflepuff since she introduces herself as someone who tends bar and listens. She is the best listener and giver of advice on the ship, and she genuinely cares about each person who seeks her out.

Due to her age, Guinan is likely the wisest person aboard the ship, with only Data knowing more, but like the android, she's more interested in the human experience. Having lost her own people, she knows the value of compassion and connection.

1 Yar: Gryffindor

Tasha Yar didn't even finish a full season of Star Trek: The Next Generation, but what time she had on the show she portrayed a bold, forceful chief tactical and security officer who showed no fear. She's a fighter who demonstrates her skills during ritual combat, too.

Many fans believe that Yar paved the way for the character Starbuck Thrace in the 2004 when Battlestar Galactica had a reboot. In the show bible, she was one of the most interesting characters, which is why it's such a shame that she didn't get a chance to truly develop on the show.