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Returning for Star Trek: Picard Stressed Out Jonathan Frakes

It has been eighteen years since Johnathan Frakes, and his beard, was William Riker, and with the upcoming Star Trek: Picard getting the band back together, it’s going to be a time for all the actors to revisit characters that made them public icons. Frakes, who played the bearded second-in-command of the Enterprise, spoke recently about what it was like coming back to the role after almost two decades.

According to, during at Fan Expo Canada (August 22–25 2019), Frakes shared that the idea of not just directing Sir Patrick Stewart, but acting alongside him again, in Picard led to some moments of stress for him:

Despite not being in the captain’s chair, Frakes has spent a lot of time in the director’s chair, having worked on episodes of the Fox show The Orville, Star Trek: Discovery, and of course, Picard. He is also, like me, hoping for that Empress Georgiou show.

Picard has gotten me so excited and has pushed me to be going even harder on my Trek watch, because I want to understand everything, but I’m also so, so late to the party that it feels like I’ll be watching forever—which isn’t all bad. Plus, I love that this is a series that has inspired the actors to be so loyal to the characters in their own minds. As a fan of that level of meta, it makes me even more excited to finish everything.

Also, I was today days old when I found that Johnathan Frakes was Xanatos in Gargoyles, which means that Xanatos and Demona are Riker and Deanna. The crossover levels are immense.

(via io9, image: Paramount)

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