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Trying To Make Space Livable In “Spacebase Startopia” At PAX West 2019

While we were at PAX West 2019, Kalypso Media had a few new games to show us, and one of those was a cool little simulator called Spacebase Startopia. Developed by Realmforge Studios, this game has you in control of a space station in the middle of the galaxy where ships come to dock and do their business. In order to keep the station up and running, you need a crew. And that crew has jobs in areas that need equipment, which they will need to manage. And while they manage it, a station needs activities and entertainment and resources and so much more. So in order to meet all these needs, you’ll be creating a city in the stars to facilitate everything and everyone coming in, as well as maintaining the station with your crew and resources.

When I was watching it play out, it felt like I was watching a Sim City version of Deep Space Nine. Making sure everyone was taken care of in every way possible while expanding the station to incorporate many people and things to do. On the surface it looks playful, btu there’s a lot going on in this game that will make sci-fi fans happy, keep sim players occupied, and give both a number of opportunities to make the station they want. Right now, Spacebase Startopia isn’t set to be released until Q3 2020. Here’s hoping they bump that timeline up.

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