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Star Trek: 10 Vulcan Memes That Are Too Funny

Among the various alien races that exist in the Star Trekuniverse, one of the most well-known ones is arguably the Vulcan race.From the planet of the same name, they are human in appearance but with pointed ears and slanted eyebrows.

Their most well-known trait is their lack of emotional response to things, as part of the society’s belief that emotions are bad following the aftermath of an incredibly violent past.Yet, some exceptional Vulcans like Spock have given into their emotions.Thus, memes were created to make fun of this contrast and Vulcan society in general.

10 Planning

From an early age, Vulcans are intensely educated with machines, as we clearly saw in the 2009 reboot of Star Trek.So one can assume that most Vulcans are intelligent, which is demonstrated by Spock numerous times throughout the original Star Trek TV series.

Such is also the case in the above meme, where we see Spock playing Tri-Dimensional Chess which is notoriously difficult to play.But what makes this meme funny is that it claims being a Vulcan makes planning during a game much easier as opposed to just thinking ahead strategy-wise.

9 Mind Meld

Despite their lack of emotions, the Vulcans in Star Trek have surprisingly mystical abilities.One such example is the Vulcan Mind Meld, where a Vulcan can literally read another individual’s mind by simply touching them.

This, in turn, has been referenced in pop-culture countless times and made fun of, as we see here with a picture of former US President Barack Obama touching a cow the same way a Vulcan would touch an individual’s face before attempting a Mind Meld.The humor comes from the meme’s tagline which points out that neither Obama nor the cow are Vulcan, so the supposed Mind Meld that we’re seeing wouldn’t actually work.

8 Dear God Niles

There are multiple layers to this meme’s hilarity, and they all require unpacking to understand.First of all, the meme’s upper tagline is a reference to Niles Crane from the Cheers' spinoff show Frasier whose catchphrase was “Dear God”, which he always said in reaction to ridiculous things.

Yet the person in the picture isn’t Niles but rather Captain Morgan Bateson from the famous Star Trek: The Next Generationepisode “Cause and Effect” where Jean-Luc Picard’s crew get caught in a time-loop involving their ship crashing into Morgan’s vessel which jumped ahead in time beforehand.Then the cherry on top is the lower tagline, which is funny because it’s common to eat wine and cheese together though certain combinations are better than others, claiming that Klingon Cheese and Vulcan Wine isn’t a good combination (despite neither of those things being confirmed as actually existing in the Star Trek universe).

7 Ancient Aliens

Another interesting factor about Vulcans is their long lifespan, which is approximately 200 years on average according to Memory Alpha.So the joke in the above meme is that because they live for so long they would be considered ancient compared to other alien races and humans.

The joke is also a pun on the show Ancient Aliens, which explored conspiracies about alien interference on old civilizations, with the guy in the picture named Giorgio A. Tsoukalos being one of the show’s frequent contributors.Because of his questionable claims, he’s become a meme in of himself so it makes sense they would combine him with Star Trek.

6 Vulcan High Command

Since it came out, Despicable Me has been considered one of the most popular children’s movies in recent decades and so it’s naturally used for many memes.Here, we see a frame-by-frame recollection of the scene in Despicable Me where the mad scientist Gru goes over his evil plan to shrink the moon using pictures.

Only this time, the pictures are replaced with words and Gru is meant to represent the Vulcan High Command, which is the main governing authority on Vulcan.Essentially, this is making fun of the Vulcan High Command allowing Spock to join the Federation since they weren’t entirely supportive of his decision as was see in the 2009 Star Trekmovie.

5 What’s Left?

Because they don’t have emotional expressions, it’s assumed that Vulcans wouldn’t get jealous or be interested in pursuing romantic relationships.Thus, we get this meme showing Tuvok from Star Trek: Voyager(who was the first major Vulcan character to appear after Spock in the original Star Trek series) explaining in a hilariously logical sense why he’s not jealous due to the superior qualities he possesses.

These include intelligence, which further confirms the notion of Vulcans being intelligent in general, and good looks.Now the latter quality is particularly noteworthy because even as far back as Spock, fans of Star Trek have taken a liking to Vulcans as being one of the more physically attractive alien races.

4 Illogical Flowers

Since logic weaves its way into every facet of Vulcan culture, apart from the mystical elements, Vulcans don’t entirely understand things that are not logical and seem to serve no purpose overall.

Flowers seem illogical, which this Star Trek meme points out.But it’s made funnier by using an image of Tuvok looking at pink lilies with a confused yet indifferent stare.

3 Lower Back Problems

Aside from pointing out the obvious, memes also make note of things that may have gone unnoticed.For instance, this meme points out how in the original Star Trek series almost everyone on the bridge had a chair to sit in except for Spock.

While this isn’t entirely true, as there were episodes where Spock did have a chair at the science station, it’s still funny regardless.This Star Trekmeme also points out the lower back problems that Spock would realistically experience from bending over to look inside the scanner tube, which he did quite frequently in the series.

2 Take That Back

Because Spock was half-human, he was more prone to giving into his emotions than full-blooded Vulcans.Though this occasionally happened in the original Star Trek series, it did happen more frequently in the recent ones starting with the 2009 reboot, which the image in this meme is from.

It not only makes fun of the fact that Spock isn’t in control of his emotions despite his upbringing on Vulcan, but also that Vulcans don’t always have their emotions in control.This is especially true during the seven-year Pon Farr cycle where male Vulcans experience intense emotions that are primitive in nature.

1 From The Planet Vulcan

Nothing is more cringe-worthy yet hilarious as seeing the deliberate mixing of two different franchises that have either almost nothing in common or are direct competitors with each other.In this case, we have a meme recreation of the scene from Back to the Future where Marty McFly intimidates his future father using a hazmat suit along with obvious references to Star Wars and Star Trek.

The humor comes from the mixing of these two science-fiction franchises that are thematically different, with intensely loyal fanbases who debate over which franchise is better to this day.Also of note is the gesture Marty makes which is the ‘Live Long and Prosper’ sign that Vulcans make which was made iconic by Spock.