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Frakes drops out of CaperCon; Buffy actress named as replacement


A second main guest has cancelled out of this year’s CaperCon but a replacement has been already found and organizers expect to be making an announcement of more guests before this year’s event, Sept. 20-22 at Centre 200.

“Jonathan Frakes has unfortunately cancelled as he's gotten called to set on the weekend of the convention,” said Christa Davis, director of guest co-ordination at this year’s event. “We only found out about this over the weekend. We're incredibly disappointed, but we will have replacement guests announced soon.”

Frakes is an actor and director who has been involved in the Star Trek: The Next Generation series and Star Trek movies as Commander Riker. Another guest, Denise Crosby, also cancelled because of a scheduling conflict.

One of the replacements will be Emma Caulfield from popular shows, “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” and “Darkness Falls.”

While Frakes’ departure is disappointing, Davis says it’s not unusual and they’re optimistic they’ll find excellent replacements in the meantime.

“I'd also like to add that the community has been very supportive following the consecutive blows we were dealt within days of each other and we are so appreciative of that support,” said Davis. “Unfortunately, these things happen all the time at conventions. Although we are so disappointed to not have Denise Crosby and Jonathan Frakes join us, we are relieved that people have been understanding for the most part.”


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