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Star Trek: 10 Klingon Memes That Are Too Funny

Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek has captured the imagination of science fiction fans around the world, and this space opera has shown us the potential for technology, friendship, courage, science, exploration, tolerance of others, and much more. Nearly every episode of this long-running franchise has a lesson to teach, all delivered with unforgettable characters ranging from Captain Kirk and Spock to Picard, Data, and more.

But the Internet soon got its hands on Star Trek, and now there's plenty of clever memes about the silliest or strangest aspects of this show. Of course, that includes the Klingons, the warrior-people from the far-off Qo'noS. They have their own language (you can even learn to speak it), fancy knives, and plenty of honor... well, until they become Internet cartoons. What are some of the funniest Klingon memes out there today?

10 Stares In Klingon

Sometimes, you're so dumbfounded or just so annoyed or flabbergasted that mere words aren't enough of a reaction. So, why not give someone the death glare like a mighty space alien? You don't have to learn a word of Klingon as long as you've got a killer glare! This is a meme in the "X in (language)" format, in the vein of "laughs in French" or "cries in Japanese." Some things transcend language, to be sure.

9 50 Shades of Worf

By most Klingon standards, Worf is a gentle and mellow fellow. After all, he joined Starfleet, he combs his hair and trims it, and he makes friends and is a trusted ally of Captain Picard. But imagine getting kinky with him, as this meme suggests! Klingons would probably get pretty rough in that department, and what Fifty Shades of Worf would really look like is probably best left in the furthest corners of your imagination.

8 Will Not Kill You For Food

There are some jokes online about why a panhandler needs money or what they will do to get it. Some panhandlers claim that aliens abducted them, and some even want to raise money for a lightsaber. But Klingons have a different idea... why not spare you a gruesome end with their Bat'leth? It doesn't take much to get on a Klingon warrior's bad side, but a little bribe should distract him long enough for you to escape at warp speed!

7 Loreal Kornos

Maybe Worf isn't the only neatly dressed and groomed Klingon out there after all! This space-faring gentleman clearly cares about his looks, and the Klingon ladies must swoon at the sight of this stud. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, after all, and why not try for some smooth skin?

6 Klingon Throughout The Decades

The image of a Klingon has changed over time, and some images of Klingons are a product of their time, and others are more artistic impressions of these alien warriors.

The 1960s was certainly a different world than now, and Star Trek's creators saw fit to model Klingons after stereotypical Chinese people. That idea probably wouldn't fly today, but the 1990s did give us a classic Klingon look featuring bushy hair and a serious brow. However, J.J. Abram's Star Trek Into Darkness imagined bald Klingons, and 2017's Star Trek Discovery really amped up the alien factor in the appearance of a Klingon. Some might argue that at this rate, Klingons will look more like ogres than anything. How tough is too tough?

5 Spawn Camping Is Without Honor

It's video gamers who will get this reference. Some online players like to play dirty tricks on their enemies such as sitting around by a pre-determined spawn point and attacking a player as soon as they appear for a new life. But no way would an honor-bound Klingon try this; these warriors would give a bit thumbs-down to anyone who tried such a dirty trick... or give them a Bat'leth to the heart—in a fair duel to the death, of course.

4 Klingon, Klingoff

It's a common play on words to suggest that something ending with "-on" must have an "-off", too, since on and off are common opposites. In this case, actor Michael Dorn looks pretty ordinary outside of his costume and makeup, and off-stage Worf is a pretty regular-looking guy. But once he's Klingon, watch out! A Klingon is indeed all the way on, ready to fight. Don't say we didn't warn you.

3 Klingons Now And Then

This is another comparison of how different decades decided what Klingons are supposed to look like. It's safe to say that creators won't ever go back to the pseudo-Chinese look the 1960s had for these aliens, but Star Trek Discovery decided to make Klingons very different, indeed. What's amusing is that these two Klingon images are only about a decade apart in the lore's timeline. Did all the Klingons get plastic surgery at once?

2 Earn Your Badges

There's bound to be real in-lore explanation for all those badges, but astute fans may see how they resemble the much-esteemed gym badges from the Pokémon games. Ash Ketchum fought gym leaders one by one so he could adorn his vest with those badges, but the fierce honor of a Klingon would demand nothing less of total victory in a Star Trek-Pokemon crossover. Can you imagine that? "Worf wants to battle!" Better bring your best Pokemon to that fight.

1 Klingons Are From Klingonia

In real life, etymology is known as the study of word origins. An English Muffin is from England, a Russian man is from Russia, and Italian food is indeed from Italy. But Klingons hail from Qo'noS, and Picard doesn't seem to like that. But, to be fair, do they really have to be the same? Human beings are not from Humania, after all. And "Earthlings" is a pretty silly term to use in the Star Trek universe, anyway.