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Star Trek: 10 Things You Never Knew About The Main Characters of Enterprise

Star Trek Enterprise features the well-known United Earth Ship Enterprise, captained by Jonathan Archer, in the year 2151. The story behind the invigorating narrative is that earth's inhabitants have spent the past 88 years learning how to travel at a speed greater than the speed of light, guided by the Vulcans.

The Vulcans are man's alien allies in the series. Having gained this wisdom, a crew of humans, together with Vulcans, set out to discover the universe - attempting to reach the furthest of space frontiers... 'To boldly go'. Here are 10 things about the main characters of Star Trek Enterprise you might not know:

10 Nations come together

9 Like father, like son

8 Porthos The Evil-detecting dog

7 Travis Is From outer space

6 A change of hearts

5 A culture splash

4 Woman power on display

3 A plot against Archer

When ratings for Star Trek Enterprise dropped, directors considered all kinds of narrative techniques to get fans watching the show again, and many of these affected the main characters in profound ways.

Fans love Captain Archer. He is level-headed, good looking and does a good job at leading the crew of Enterprise. However, directors considered killing him off in the final Xindi episode and replacing him with a younger new captain. This was decided against and while it would have been a dramatic turn of events, Archer survived to tell the tale.

2 Behind-the-scenes 'cheating'

1 Uniquely wired