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‘Star Trek’ Star Aron Eisenberg Dead at 50

Unfortunate news struck Star Trek fans recently when Malíssa Longo confirmed via Facebook that her husband, Aron Eisenberg, passed away on September 21st.

Eisenberg was best known for his portrayal of Nog, a recurring character on Star Trekspinoff Star Trek: Deep Space 9. The character was deeply beloved, appearing in some of the best episodes and being the subject of some of the finest storytelling in the show. When he was cast in the role, Eisenberg was told nothing about the character, and was not told how many episodes he was called for; in fact, in a 2012 interview with, he revealed that he “thought every episode I was doing might be [his] last episode.” Eisenberg would go on to appear in more than 40 episodes, and would also appear later as Kar in Star Trek: Voyager.

Beyond his acting, Eisenberg described himself as a “filmmaker and proud father,” and was also a professional photographer.

Co-Stars and fans alike took to Twitter to grieve the loss, reflecting on time spent with Eisenberg and celebrating his life.

Eisenberg’s death follows years of battling numerous health issues, receiving two separate kidney transplants. In 2015, his second transplanted kidney was donated by a friend named Beth Bernstein, who matched with Eisenberg after only four months on a waiting list.

Eisenberg was 50 years young, and will surely leave a legacy for those who knew him, and the millions of Trekkies who loved him.