Star Trek Guide

Every Upcoming Star Trek Project You Should Know About

In the science fiction fandoms, few reach the super stardom of Star Trek. Even so, Star Trek is having a new renaissance during the past couple years. No, this does not quite mean the Kelvin-verse. Instead, the real change has been Alex Kurtzman, CBS, and Star Trek: Discovery. Because of their success, Kurtzman and his team are prepping tons of new Star Trek series and stories for Trekkie consumption.

Lucky for fans, under this new CBS-run era of Star Trek love, there are a bunch of upcoming projects. Some of them are extremely well-known, but others aren't. Either way, let's make sure everyone's filled in. Here is Every Upcoming Star Trek Project You Should Know About.

10 Section 31

After Picard, Section 31 will be the next Star Trek project to grace screens. Based around the Mirror Universe version of Phillipa Georgiou and her Section 31 missions, top Discovery writers are already working on the script. Section 31 has been fascinating fans since they first showed up in DS9 over a decade ago, and only became all the more intriguing during Discovery.

It's about time that the enigmatic organization running behind The Federation has some time to shine. Even though the show will take some time to start airing, it will bring back the amazing Georgiou, and that's more than enough anticipation.

9 Picard

If any Trekkies don't know about Picard yet, that would be the real shock. However, just in case, of course it still must be included. Picard continues the story of the beloved Captain Picard. With each new trailer and juicy tidbit, the show only gets more inviting. Data, Seven of Nine, Borg, mysterious young women, destroyed Romulus, there are way too many interesting elements. Of course this is a Star Trek event that all fans are waiting for.

When Picard debuts in early 2020, it will usher in a new era of Star Trek greatness. The upcoming show is wonderfully exciting for that reason alone.

8 Untitled Kid's Show

Over the past few years, Alex Kurtzman, show-runner of Star Trek: Discovery, has led the crusade to create a new Star Trek empire, like there used to be in the 90's. He's talked about expanding the Star Trek universe, and one part he said was never explored was children. Almost all of Star Trek has had an adult audience, only including interested teens incidentally.

With their Star Trek loving team, there is a Star Trek-based children's show in the works. While Kurtzman and others haven't revealed their plans quite yet, they are very serious about the concept. Why not have kids dreaming of Vulcans and warp drives?

7 Lower Decks

One of the most famous episodes of TNG was "Lower Decks". Instead of following the bridge crew like normal, this story shows the daily experiences of lower ensigns, helmsman, and nurses. This gave fans a different view of life on a starship, the kind of view the bridge crew themselves rarely see. It was so fresh and impressive that it inspired its own series, with a twist.

Lower Decks is based off the same concept as the episode: watching the daily lives of lower-tier Starfleet officers. Except, the show will be animated and geared towards an adult comedy audience. Think Futurama but Star Trek. It's one fabulous way to broaden the Star Trek lens, and fans should keep their eyes and ears open for it.

6 Discovery Season 3

Despite any fan debates over Discovery, it has brought back Star Trek mania in full force. It deserves buckets of credit for that alone. After two impressive seasons, Discovery's third season is currently being written. Considering where the writers left off season 2, this upcoming stories will be unlike anything before. Trapped in the 34th century, The Discovery faces a dangerous and unknown universe.

After Picard stops shooting, Discovery is next in production. With the Red Angel solved and so much uncertainty and mystery into the next season, it should be a fascinating story. Can't wait for that trailer, eh?

5 Khan Limited Series

The villain dynamic between Kirk and Khan is one of the most iconic parts of the Star Trek fandom. While Benedict Cumberbatch tried his best, no one has really ever reached the greatness of Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan. Since this is the case, the current Star Trek creative leaders wanted to try a new approach: telling Khan's story all on its own.

Once an emperor of the Eugenics Wars, Khan had quite the long life before ever running into Kirk and the Enterprise. A limited series about him would be fascinating and horrific all at once, especially if done right. Fans may know the least about this and it may be hard-stuck in pre-production, but Kurtzman and his people want to do it. Let's hope they can.

4 Tarantino Movie

In the vague open-end of the Kelvin-verse, the movie side of Star Trek has been left alone for 3 years. However, since Star Trek as an overasll franchise is booming again, of course Hollywood can't let it stay that way. In lieu of Abrams' Trek films, a new director has been handed rights to tell a story in the Trek universe. Who might be the lucky artist?

Well, Quentin Tarantino. Though he's not the most obvious choice, Star Trek as a franchise is in an eclectic phrase, celebrating diversity of art and creation. It makes sense to hire a director who'd make a Star Trek film unlike anything else. Fans will just have to wait and see what Tarantino does with that freedom.

3 Short Treks

Yes, the CBS Star Trek team have already aired some Short Treks. However, they have more than a few on deck. After the recent Spock-based story and some adventures with Tribbles, Short Treks has plans for a few animated stories and other fun moments between Trek characters.

The way things are going right now, Short Treks are a new, delightful addition to the Star Trek universe. They give fans those more wholesome and fun moments that the more dramatic shows can sometimes miss. More Trek is more Trek, so all fans should keep watching. For now, though, check out Spock in an elevator.

2 Starfleet Academy

In a world full of Riverdales and Vampire Diaries, even the Star Trek universe wants a hand in the teen drama. After years of following the lives of Starfleet bridge crew, the franchise wants to take a step into the lives of its youngest starship dreamers. Fans ave only seen Starfleet Academy in rare episodes, but now there will be a whole show about it.

While Starfleet Academy is still in hardcore pre-production, it's on the list of shows that CBS is most excited to get going. Alongside Betty and Jughead, Damon and Elena, a new hot drama couple might come from the stars themselves.

1 Star Trek 4

This upcoming project is probably one of the most important for Trekkies to learn about. Why? Well, because it's not really happening anymore. Even though the alternate Kelvin-verse brought Star Trek to the big screen again, the fourth installment in the franchise has gone from hype to halt. Starting with Chris Pine's faulty contract negotiations, the movie has fallen apart. Star Trek: Picard might be keeping elements from those stories, but they seem to be at a stand-still.

Pine, Quinto, and Saldana may have been fabulous modern choices for Kirk, Spock, and Uhura, but fans shouldn't expect to see them back anytime soon, if ever.