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Treadstone: The Bourne Spinoff Cast & Character Guide

International stars and some familiar faces make up the Treadstone cast, the Jason Bourne spinoff series on USA Network. Executive produced by Tim Kring (Heroes) along with Ben Smith and Jeffrey Weiner of the Bourne film franchise, Treadstone expands the Bourne universe and introduces new assassins into today's geopolitical setting. The new series, like the Bourne movies, is based on the original novels written by Robert Ludlum.

Set in the present day, years after the rouge agent played by Matt Damon was last seen in 2016's Jason Bourne, Treadstone reveals the origin of the secret CIA program that created Bourne and numerous other sleeper agents-turned-assassins like him. The other Treadstone agents (aka Assets), who have been dormant and inserted into society all over the world, are mysteriously reawakened and sent on new missions. Meanwhile, agents within the CIA attempt to solve the mystery of how Treadstone, which was officially deactivated during the original Bourne film trilogy, is back in play, what the Assets' overall mission is, and who is secretly pulling the strings.

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Treadstone was announced in April 2018 and received a straight-to-series order from USA Network. Like the Bourne films, Treadstone is filmed all over the world, including the United States, Budapest, Paris, Taiwan, Africa, and India, and boasts a cast comprised of American and international actors. In addition, Treadstone's story is ambitiously split into two timelines: the present-day events surrounding the Assets' reawakening and the events set in 1973 which involved the secret origin of the Treadstone program. Although Matt Damon does not appear in the spinoff as Jason Bourne, here's who's who in Treadstone.

Jeremy Irvine as John Randolph Bentley - Bentley is a CIA agent operating behind the Iron Curtain in 1973 East Berlin who becomes the original Treadstone agent. Irvine appeared in War Horse, Billionaire Boys Club, and Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again.

Brian J. Smith as Doug McKenna - An unemployed oil rig worker, McKenna is awakened and discovers he's a Treadstone agent. Smith has appeared in Sense8, Quantico, and will be seen in World On Fire.

Omar Metwally as Matt Edwards - Edwards is a CIA field agent who discovers the Treadstone program has been reactivated. Metwally's credits include The Affair and Mr. Robot.

Tracy Ifeachor as Tara Coleman - Coleman is a disgraced UK journalist who is recruited to learn more about a missing nuclear missile she once reported on. Ifeachor has appeared in The Originals, Quantico, and DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

Han Hyo-joo as SoYun Pak - SoYun is a North Korean mother and music teacher who is awakened as a Treadstone sleeper agent. Han is an acclaimed South Korean actress whose credits include Dong-Yi, Cold Eyes, and Love, Lies.

Gabrielle Scharnitzky as Petra - In present day, Petra is a veteran KGB agent on a top-secret mission. Scharnitzky is a German actress who has appeared in The Game.

Emilia Schüle as Young Petra - The younger Petra also appears in 1973 as the adversary of J. Randolph Bentley. Schüle is a Russian-born German actress with numerous credits, including Berlin Station.

Michelle Forbes as Ellen Becker - Becker is a CIA operations chief who was part of the Blackbriar clean up in New York, as seen in The Bourne Ultimatum. Forbes is best known for her memorable roles in Star Trek: The Next Generation and Battlestar Galactica.

Michael Gaston as Dan Levine - Levine is Ellen Becker's superior officer at the CIA and has knowledge of the Treadstone program. Gaston is known for his roles in Prison Break and Jericho.

Shruti Haasan as Nira Patel - Patel is an assassin based in India who may also be part of Treadstone. Haasan is an Indian actress and singer with numerous credits including Idhu Namma Aalu and D-Day.

Patrick Fugit as Stephen Haynes - Haynes is a schoolteacher who discovers he's a Treadstone Asset and is psychologically damaged by his awakening. Fugit is best known for his roles in Almost Famous and First Man.

Tess Haubrich as Samantha McKenna - Samantha is Doug McKenna's wife, an E.R. nurse who harbors a secret of her own. Haubrich is an Australian actress who appeared in Wolf Creek and Alien: Covenant.